How To Setup Push Up Notification on Blogger?

If you want to setup Push Up notification on your Blogger blog then you come at right place because in this post you get step by step guide.

What Is Push Up Notification?

Push Up notification is a notification message of your blog post to your readers. Suppose you write a post on your blog and your readers subscribe your blog via Push up notification then the post which you publish on your blog, the notification message of that post is automatically sent to your subscribers.

Why Push Up Notification is Important For Blog?

Push up notification is easy to subscribe than the subscription newsletter because there is no need of add an email address for receiving post notifications. Users more engaged in Push up notification rather than news latter because of its easy subscription. This is working similar to the newsletter. This is a show like a notification ring on the left or right side of your blog and this depends on you that where you want to show them.

Advantages Of Push up notification?

Following are the main advantages of the push-up notification.

1. Easy To Subscribe.

2. No need to add an email address for subscribe to the blog.

3. No more space covered.

4. Work very accurately.

How To Setup Push up Notification on Blogger?

If your blog on blogger platform and wanted to install Push up notification on your blog then you need to follow all these steps for the setup of push up notification on your blog. Please follow all these steps correctly, so that you don't face any problem during its installation.

Step 1. For blogger platform, there is no any plugin which helps us to install Push up notification because the plugin is not available for blogger. But we can install them via third-party sites. There are so many sites which give us facility for the setup of push up notification on Blogger. Today I share with you a website and through this website, we can setup Push up notification on Blogger. I personally used this website. The name of this website is One Signal. One signal is a famous website which provide service of Push up notification. By using this website we can easily install Push up notification on Blogger.

Step 2. First, we need to open this website on our computer or desktop. You can use the below link to open this website on your desktop. When you open this website then the Home page of One Signal display on your screen.



Step 3. On the home page, you see these three options. But you click on Web push because we want to setup Push up notification on web pages. So click on get started with Web pages. When you click on Get Started For Web Pages then a Pop up Sign Up page open. We need to sign up on one signal website. Because this important if we want to install Push up notification on Blogger.

Step 4.  We can sign up for one signal by four ways like via Facebook, Google, Github and email. My suggestion that you use the email address for sign up because I personally face errors while I use Facebook and Google for sign up one signal. So please use email for sign up because this is easy and simple.

1. Add your email address.
2. Password.

3. Again add the same Password which you added above.

4. Write your company name, for example, I write there my website name Loud Me Tech.

5. March tick on terms and conditions and finally, you click on Create Account. When you click on create an account then an email for verification is sent to your added email. So open that email message and verify the signal account. After verification, you can manage one signal website for installing Push up notification.

Step 5. Now your account successfully verified. So you click on Add a new app. You can see in this image. When you click on it then a floating page open in front of you. In floating page, you add your website name.

Step 6. Here you add your website name and then click on create. When you click on create then you move to the new page. So you follow step 7.

Step 7. In this step, you need to do two task 1 you select Web push and 2 you click on next. When you click on next. Then a new window open. On this new window, we need to select the platform on which we want to add one signal Push up notification. So follow step 8.

Step 8. Because we want to install them on the website so you select website builder. When you select them then there is a new page open on that new page we need to fill information according to our blog. So follow step 9.

Step 9. After step 8. This is most important step because here we do settings according to our blog. Like we select the platform for the website, we add here blog details and adding a prompt for the blog.

1. Select platform:- we want to setup up Push up notification on Blogger so we select here Blogger. So you click on Blogger.

2. Blogger Site Setup:- now we add here details of our Blogger site.

Add Details:- first, add your website name, site URL mean site link like, add website icon. You can add there your blog favicon. 

3. Permission Prompt Setup:- its mean is that how you want to show Push up notification on your blog like there size, colour, position etc. I suggest that you only open and save them because pre-designed Push up is very nice and attractive so we don't need to change there.

4. Advanced:- This is an optional part so you leave them and click on save. When you click on save then we reached very close to the last step.

Step 10. This is also a crucial part of the whole process. So I share with you this is in detail.

1. Copy that code. After the copy, we need to paste that code into Blogger. Because without doing this one signal is not activate on our website. Now you think that how to add this code in Blogger so please don't worry because I share with you its whole process.

How To Paste The Code In Blogger?

1. Open your Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on Layout. When now click on Layout then the whole layout of your blog show on your screen.

3. Now click on add a Gadget.

4. After clicking on add a Gadget then there a list of options is shown on your screen but you need to click on HTML/JavaScript.
When you click on this option then a box is open. You need to paste the copied code in that box. Paste code there and click on save.

Ok, now the code is successfully added to your blog. So come back to your previous window and click on Finish.

When you click on Finish then Push up notification is successfully Setup on your blog. You can check them by opening your blog.

Conclusion:- In this post, we learn that how we can setup Push up notification on Blogger. One signal is a third party site and through this website, we can easily add Push up notification on Blogger.

Last Words:- I explained here every step very clearly. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you and you get the solution from here. But still, you have any problem then you can comment below. Thanks