What is Difference between Blog Posts and Pages

Most of the begginer in blogging field always gets trapped in between posts and pages. Newbies don't know the difference between posts and pages. So, Today I share with you detailed information regarding this topic. Today you will definitely understand about actual meaning of Posts and Pages.

What is Posts?

Posts is the important part of the blogging. If we say post is the pillars of the blogging career then this is not wrong because our traffic is totally depends on our content. And our content is delivered only one way which is know as posts.

In simple words we can say that posts is that part of the blogging which we can update regularly. 

Advantages of Posts.
  • Posts helps in increasing traffic of the blog.
  • We can update them regularly bases.
  • We can write many new posts each day on our blog.
  • We can make money by placing ads between posts.
  • We can insert images, files, links in blog posts.

What is Pages?

This is a fix document which is write one time and don't need to update them regularly. This is specifically related to main part of the our blog. Pages don't has more importance like posts. 

Pages are fix. In general we used four types of pages on our blog. Privacy policy, disclaimer, about us and contact us.

Advantages of Pages.
  • No need to write new pages every day.
  • Pages are fix documents.
  • No need to update them regular basis.
  • Pages are Important for our blogs because these pages helps in making a good bond between author and readers.

Difference between Pages and Posts.

  • Pages are fix documents but post we can update regularly.
  • Pages we used for making a good connection between owner and vistior but post we share for providing new stuff to our visitors.
  • We can make money through posts but we don't make money through pages.
  • Pages are 4 - 6 types but we can write unlimited posts on our blog.
  • Posts help in increasing traffic of the blog.

Last Words

I hope now your doubt will definitely clear regarding this topic. I write here in this post everything related to this topic in very short and simple. If you have any question please comment below.