How To Keep Website Secure in 2018

Now we are in 2018 and you definitely know that in 2017 most of the famous business people facing the problem of hacking. The Malware attack of 2017 is the world biggest hacking attack. Due to this attack so many countries face lots of problems.

Did you know that each day in all over the world more than 30000 websites hacked. In these websites include many popular website which you don't accept that that website can be hacked. But this is true that nothing is secure on internet until we don't take security major for keeping secure them.

Each and every website have value even your website do not have any data because hackers use them negative way. So the security of the each and every website is essential for us if want to keep our website Safe.

How To Keep Website Secure in 2018.

You can use these tips for the improvement of security of your blog and website.

1. Use 2 Step Authentication On Your Website.

Yes you can 2 step authentication for improving security of your blog. So that nobody can hack your account id. This play important role in keeping your website secure in 2018.

2. Updated Scripts.

Delete all the old scripts and use new scripts for your website so that you website will secure on internet. Because old scripts are not helping in your website Security. Old scripts data easily hacked. So your website should be of updated and latest scripts.

3. Password.

Use strong password. Don't use any tool for generating password. Use that password which have, lower and higher characters, digits, special characters. 

4. Check All Security Details of Your Website.

You need to check all Securities details of your blog one time in one week so that you can identify what your website requires for improvement. Which new security major you apply on them.

5. Https Protocol.

You use https Security protocol with ssl certificate. This help you keeping your website Secure. 

At Last

You can apply these Security majors for keeping your website Secure in 2018. I hope this information is helpful for you. If you like my this post please don't forget to share them on social media.