What Is UC News? How to create a Account on UC News?

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What Is UC News?

Actually UC News is a news website which is setup by the UC union. UC News giving opportunity to those peoples which are interested in writing. We can join UC News by its media publisher program. We can work as a news reporter on UC News. UC News also give us Money for our work.  But there are some rules and regulations for making money from UC News like views, reach etc.

Recruitment for Join UC News as a Writer

Every person can join UC News. There is no any specific requirement for joining UC News. If you love writing and wanted to write on UC News then you can join them. No age limit is required for joining it.

Other Things Which Required You For Working On UC News

1. Internet connection.
2. Laptop and PC.
3. You can manage UC News on your mobile with the help of Chrome browser by enabling Desktop.

Important Documents For Creating UC News Account.

Only one document which is required for joining UC News is your PAN card. Without PAN card you can't join UC News. This necessary for joining UC News.

Advantages of creating Account on UC News?

There are so many advantages of join UC News. UC News don't take any fees for joining because UC News is free of Cost.

  • We can earn money from UC News by writing on them.
  • UC News is easy to use and free of cost.
  • You can promote your blog and website through UC News if you have.
  • Students Also join it.
  • No need to take tension of terms like SEO and words limit because this is everything done by UC News itself.
Therefore if we join UC News then we get so many facilities from them.

How to create a Account on UC News?

If you want to create account on UC News then you come at right place because in this post I share with you that how we can create account on UC News. Follow all the below steps if you want to create account on UC News.

Note:- If you using mobile for creating UC News Account please click on three dots icon which is show at the top of the right side corner. When you click on it then you activate desktop mode from there.

Step 1:- Click on the provided link below. When you click on it then a new page open. This is page for sign up.

UC News Registration:- Click Here.

Step 2:-  We need to fill this forum for sign up.

1. Add your email address.
2. Choose your password.
3. Again add same password which you write above.
4. Invitation code, here you can use 1234. If you don't have this code so you leave it empty.
5. Add here verification code. Which is written in blue colour.
6. Click tick mark on I have read terms and conditions.
7. Click on continue. When you click on it then a confirmation message is sent to your email which you add here.

Step 3:- Now we need to verify on our registered email. Now like this message is show in your mobile or desktop screen. So you click on check email and verify your account. Now a congratulation message show after that you open UC News website and click on Sign in. Add your registered email, password and add verification code then click on sign in. When you click here then a new page open. Follow step number 4.

Step 4:- Select your category. If you are Blogger then you can select Blogger, if you are free lancer then you can select them. Mean you can choose category according to your own choice. But I recommend you choose student because its forum is easy to fill than any other category.

Step 5:- This is forum for our account information. 

1. Select your category. I select here student.
2. Write here your account name. This is like YouTube channel name. This name is show to your readers.
3. Select account type Personal or organisation. I select here personal.
4. Select your category. I select here technology in main category and software in sub category.
5. Write your own name.
6. Write here your PAN card number and also upload there photo.
7. Add your mobile number.
8. Select your language. I select my language is English. You can also select Hindi.
9. Link of published article. You open any website and copy there link and paste that copied link in this place.
10. Click tick on terms and conditions.
11. Last click on continue. When you click on this then a new window page open.

Congratulation, Now your account successfully created on UC News. Please wait for 1 to 2 days. When your account approved by UC News then a approval message sent by UC news in your email. 

At Last

I hope this tutorial is helpful for you. I write in this post each and every step very clearly. But still If you has any question or problem please comment below. I help you as much I can.