How To Create A Privacy Policy Page For Blogger Blogspot?

If you are a beginner in blogging and wanted to create privacy policy page for your blog then you come to right place because in this article you get complete information regarding this topic.

For all blog, website Pages are very important. There are four main times of pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us and Disclaimer. Every page is important for our blog because this makes our website and blog valuable in the internet world. 

But today topic is that how to create a privacy policy for blogger platform. So let's start guys.

What Is Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is working like a document of user privacy. Privacy Policy declared that which information of the user we collect and which not. The visitor has right to know that what information of his we collect.

Important Of Privacy Policy?

For blog owners and website owners, privacy policy has lots of importance. Privacy Policy makes a strong bond between owner and visitor. If you are Blogger and wanted to use AdSense ad network on your blog then also privacy policy is mandatory for the approval of AdSense account. 

How To Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger Blogspot?

Follow all these steps for creating a privacy policy page. 

Step 1:- First of all, we need to click or visit on this website. This website gives us facility for creating privacy policy page online. So you click on the link below otherwise you can also visit on that visit by using the link below.

Website Link:-

Step 2:- Open this link in your Chrome or Firefox browser. on the home page of this website, you click on " Free Utilities ".

Step 3:- When you click on Free Utilities then a new window open. In the new window, you click on Privacy Policy. When you click on it then a new page open so follow step 4.

Step 4:- When you click on Privacy Policy than a form open. We need to fill that form. Follow instructions for filling this form.

1. Site Name:- Add your site name to my site name is Loud Me Tech.

2. Email address:- add an email address there. Please note that you add a new email address there which is suitable for your blog and also matched with your blog because your blog readers use this email address for the information of your privacy policy.

3. Site's Intended Age Range:- There are three options. You choose according to your blog. If you don't want to select then don't worry because this has no much importance but if your blog is for the age group of 18+ then you definitely select them.

4. Feedback:- This box you can fill according to your own choice.

5. Your email address:- here you add your personal email address because privacy policy generator company send a message to you regarding the update on your privacy policy.

Step 5:- After filling all details finally you click on " Create my Privacy Policy ". When you click on this button then a privacy policy is automatically generated for your blog and website. Now you copy that privacy policy and paste them into your blog and website.


In this tutorial, we learn that how we can create a privacy policy page for our blog and website. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you and your problem solved with this tutorial. But still, you have any problem then you comment below and we help you as much possible.