Bitcoin Security and Privacy Tips | How to Secure Bitcoin?

The popularity of bitcoin increase day by day. And value of bitcoin' s prize also increase on internet day by day. As we know that bitcoin is Internet currency. We can use them in all over the world for trade, buy and sell, shopping etc. Bitcoin has lots of advantages but I share all advantages of bitcoin with you in another post because my today topic is not on its advantages because my today topic is on its Security and Privacy.

Most of the people in all over the world says that Bitcoin is 100% secure currency. But this is not true because Bitcoin is only Internet's currency and which we can only use on internet for different purposes and you definitely understand that internet world is not secure world. So how we can say that Bitcoin is 100% secure. Yes bitcoin is secure until we use them very perfectly otherwise bitcoin also can be hacked.  

If you are doing trade in bitcoin then you need to take some Privacy and security steps for keeping bitcoin secure and safe. So security and privacy come at first place if we want to trade in Bitcoin otherwise your Bitcoin also can be hack by the hackers. 

There are certain major steps which we take for keeping bitcoin safe and secure. And you must need to know that this is internet currency so you don't take any help from to police and government if your Bitcoin wallet hacked. 

If you are doing trade in Bitcoin or you have bitcoin wallet then you need to keep these important security and privacy points in your mind for keeping your Bitcoin secure.

Bitcoin Security and Privacy Tips | How to Secure Bitcoin?

You can apply these points for keeping your Bitcoin safe and secure on internet.

1. Never store or keep your Bitcoin in any online wallet because online wallets are not secure. You can use hardware wallet for store your Bitcoins. Try to store your Bitcoins in that hardware wallet which is you know that 100% Secure and safe for your Bitcoin and also your that hardware wallet don't connect with internet. 

2. You need to keep your data of Bitcoin is different from your regular data. In regular data your email id, password, pin drive. You can make a different email id and a separate locker for your Bitcoins.

3. Password, please choose a strong password of your account. Because no body can hack our account until they don't have our password. And also I want suggest you that you don't use any online tool for generating a password. You can use special characters, digits etc. in your password.

4. Like Facebook, instagram and gmail account you need to setup 2 step authentication. 2 step authentication is very important and 2 step security play a important role in keeping your Bitcoin safe.

5. You need to purchase Bitcoin from safe and trusted company. Before buy bitcoin you check all details of that company whose bitcoins you going to purchase.

6. Never share your personal information with any body on internet. If you want to do secure and safe trade in Bitcoin.

7. As I write in point 1 that you need to keep your Bitcoin in safe and secure hardware. Please never share privacy of your wallet with any one on Internet and also with your any friend or relative. Keep seed of your wallet at safe and secure place and check all security major before adding Bitcoins in wallet.

 8. Before sending Bitcoins to anybody you need to check the details of the address where you send your Bitcoins. You need to check that address is true or not. So that your Bitcoins don't transfer to any fraud address. For each and every exchange you need to use new address so nobody can track your address and information.

9. Never share Bitcoins data and quantity with any body. And also don't share that the number of Bitcoins you store in different wallets.

10. Use your mind in Bitcoin trade because your mind is key of success. Your mind know that what is wrong and what is good. So use each and every step which help for keeping your Bitcoins Secure and safe and never miss to apply these tips.

11. Use lock and password in each and every Bitcoins account and data. Like your mobile, laptop, Computer, pin drive, wallets. My mean to say that where ever you store your Bitcoins data you need to keep them in password and locked security so that your Bitcoins no body can theft.


Yes, Bitcoin is Secure and Safe if we take them as other accounts like our Facebook, bank, net banking account. But if we round our eyes toward internet world then we need to apply these tips because with the help of these tips our Bitcoin become more secure and safe.

Final Words

I hope this tutorial is helpful for you. If I miss any important tip from this post please tell me. And if you have any question in your mind please comment below and I give answer of your question.