How to Create a PayPal Account?

If you want create or open your PayPal account then you come on right place because in this article you know full guide, how we can open or create your PayPal account.

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What is PayPal ?

PayPal is a online payment service through which you can receive Payments all over the world because PayPal is available in all countries. With the help of PayPal we can shopping in all over the world.

Uses Of PayPal Account ?

PayPal have lots of uses and it is secure. Following are the important uses of PayPal we mentioned here.

1. Sending or receiving payments

2. For shopping.

3. For paying bills.

4. Booking hotels rooms and air tickets.

5. You can receive Payments from your relatives who live in foreign countries.

PayPal Available in India?

Yes we can open PayPal in India. In India PayPal is active and widely used by people for buy and sell. You can Shopping on any e-commerce website like Flipkart, Amazon etc. with the help of PayPal. Also we can use it for receiving foreign paymaent.

Things Required For Open PayPal Account?

1. Email address

Yes only E-mail address is required for creating a Paypal account. We can create PayPal account with any E-MAIL account.

I recommend you use G-mail ( gmail is google service ) for creating your PayPal account.

What Is Necessary For Verify PayPal Account ?

1. Bank Account.

We can use any bank account like HDFC, SBI, PNB, ICICI etc.

2. Debit / Credit Card.

( We can use debit or credit cards of above mentioned bank's )

Lets Start Create Paypal Account.

I provide you complete information for creating your PayPal account. I guide you in steps.

Follow these steps carefully.

First you go on official website of PayPal which is , when you go on official website of PayPal then a new window open.

Step 1 :- click on Sign Up.

Step 2 :- There are two types of accounts. One is shopping and the other is business . You click on Shopping because this is individual account.

Step 3 :- 

Select your country.

Add your Email address.

For example :
You can use your own email address .

Select your password ( note : select minimum 8 words in your password ) follow image.

retype your password which you use above. Foll the image.

Step 5 :-  Tell About yourself.

Fill up this form completely. I help in filling this form.

First Name :- Add your first name like my first name is Vishal

Middle Name :- If your name have middle then you fill this box otherwise you leave it empty.

Last Name :- In this box add your name ' s last word like my name last word is Biray

Date of  birth :- Here add your date of birth in this form Date/Month/Year.

For example :- 01/01/2018

Nationality :- Select your nationality is Indian if your from India but if you live in another country then choose according to your place where you live.

Address :- Add your complete address correctly because this is important for receiving or sending payment.

Town / City :- Write the name of your city or town where you live.

State :- Select your state where you live. Like i live in Jammu and Kashmir so i choose Jammu and Kashmir.

PIN code :-  add your area PIN code. PIN code is six digit PIN number.

Mobile number :- add your mobile number.

Finally tick on terms and conditions. And click on Agree and Create Account.

Step 6 :-  In this step you link your credit card or debit card with your paypal account. But if you don't wanted to link your card at that time then you can link it later.

But if you wanted to link your debit card then follow below steps.

1. Card number : here you add your debit card' s sixteen digit number. This sixteen digit number is written above your debit card.

2. Expiry date : mean when your card expired write that date here.

3. CVV : CVV is three digit number code which is written on the back side of your card.

After finishing click on Link Card.

Congratulation you successfully Create your account PayPal Account.

Confirm your E-mail address.

 Confirm your email address. A mail is sent by PayPal in your email account check your inbox and confirm it because this is important for your PayPal account.

How can Link Bank Account With PayPal ?

Click on Link a Card option,
Then a new window is open. There are two options.

1. Link Bank Account.

2. Debit / Credit Card. ( Also can link debit / credit card if you do not link in step 6 )

You click on Link Bank Account .

Now Fill Your Bank Detail.

Account number : add your 16 digits bank' s account nmber in this box.

IFSC code : add you bank branch IFSC code because every branch have thier own IFSC code.

But if you have not IFSC code then click on

I don't have my IFSC code.

Then click on CONTINUE.

Therefore our bank account is successfully linked with our PayPal account. Now we can withdraw money from PayPal to in our bank account. Or import money from bank account to PayPal account.

Now our account is verified and we can use it for receiving and paying payments in all over the world.

If face any problem during creating PayPal account. Then comment below, we help you in solving your problem.

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