What Is Ads.txt Error Issue In Blogger, How To Solve It ?

If you are a blogger and used blogger platform for blogging then you recent face an issue of Ads.txt. if you want to solve this issue in blogger then read this article because, in this article, I share with you a complete guide to solving this issue. So read this article carefully.

What Is Ads.txt Error Issue In Blogger, How To Solve It ?

What Is Ads.txt error?

This error is because we used Adsense for advertising on our blogs. Ads.txt mainly sure that we used Adsense for advertising on our blog. Ads.txt is working like our advertising identity.

What Will Happen Due To This Error?

If we do not solve this error then Adsense ads on our blog, not show. Without solving, this error ads are not shown on our blog so solve this error if you want to earn money through Adsense ads.

How To Solve This Error?

We can solve this error very easily just we need to follow these simple steps.

What Is Ads.txt Error Issue In Blogger, How To Solve It ?

Step 0:- First you open your blogger dashboard.

Step 1:- After opening your dashboard, you need to click on Settings.

Step 2:- After Settings, you need to click on search preference.

Step 3:- Monetisation, we need to enable this option.

Note:- monetisation is a new option added in blogger. This option is specially added for solving the Ads.txt error.

Step 4:- In this step, you click on edit. When you click on edit then two options show there yes and no, we need to select yes. So you click on yes.

What Is Ads.txt Error Issue In Blogger, How To Solve It ?

Step 6:- when you click on yes then a box is shown. We need to add our Adsense id in this box.

Note:- we need to create our own Ads.txt file for adding here.

How To Create Ads.txt File?

Copy this code.
google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Remember:- You change 0000000000000000
with your own Adsense id. Ok now, your ads.txt file successfully created.

Step 7:- Now copy created ads.tx file and paste them into that box. After successfully created you click on save.

Congratulation your ads.txt issue successfully fix. Now Adsense reviews your blog within 24 hours and after review ads on your blog start shown again.

Check that your ads.txt successfully added or not in blogger by using this tip.


Conclusion:- this article for solving the ads.txt issue in blogger blog for Adsense ads. So you can solve error by following these simple steps.

Last Words:- if you face any problem in solving this issue then you comment below we help you in solving this problem.