What Is AdSense Auto Ads And How To Use It ?

Google AdSense recently add a new feature in AdSense ads which is know as Auto Ads. As we know that AdSense is one of the largest ads publisher company in the world. If you want to get complete detailed information of AdSense new feature Auto Ads then you read this post. In this post you will get solutions of all your questions.

What Is AdSense Auto Ads?

Let me know that why we use auto word. In english auto word is derived from word automatically. Automatically term we used when a thing is able to do own work mean we have no need to start them again and again or we don't need to give them order again and again. We only give them order one time and then that thing did his own task without our order. This makes our work easy and reduce our time which we use for handling them. 

Now you think inside your mind why i explain this here because these things have no any connection with AdSense Auto Ads, but you think wrong if you think this. 

Auto Ads basically are those type of ads which display automatically on our website or blog. Now we don't need to create Ad units for website and blog. This Auto Ads feature now work for us. We only place Auto Ads code in our blog and website then ads start show automatically on our website and blog. 

Advantages Of Google AdSense Auto Ads?

As a Blogger AdSense ads have lots of importance for us because we mostly make our revenue through AdSense ads. There is no any Blogger which doesn't use to AdSense for making money through blogging. So we continuously set our eyes on AdSense that what happening in AdSense policy. Which new features and policies AdSense start. Now recently AdSense release a new feature Auto Ads. I mentioned above all about it but we discussed here its advantages. What are the advantages of AdSense Auto Ads for a AdSense ads publisher.

These are the best advantage of Auto Ads for AdSense ads publisher.

1. Now no need to create different kinds of Ads units. We know that to manage ads units is not an easy task. But with the help of Auto Ads you can manage them easily.

2. Don't need take a tension that where we place ads and where not. Now Auto Ads feature doing everything for us.

3. Chance of invalid clicks on AdSense ads now decrease. Mostly invalid clicks come due to wrong placements of ads units. But now our ads is published by AdSense and AdSense know that which place is better for showing ads and which is not.

4. When all Ads correctly placed on our website and blog then the chance of making revenue or money through AdSense increase. So this new feature help us to make more money through AdSense Ads.

So these are the main and best advantages of AdSense new feature Auto Ads.

How To Use AdSense Auto Ads On Website And Blog?

If you get this new feature in your AdSense account then this is good for you but if you still don't receive this feature then please wait for sometime and you will definitely get this feature very soon.

Now comes on the topic which is how to use AdSense Auto Ads on website and blog.

Follow all the below steps for enabling AdSense Auto Ads.

Step 1:- Open your AdSense account.

Step 2:- Open AdSense dashboard. In dashboard you see there new feature. You can see in this image.

Step 3:- Now click on Step Up It. When you click on it then you move toward next step.

Step 4:- On the new page you click on Get Started. When you click on it then you again move toward next page.

Step 5:- On this new page you get different types of ads. You can activate them according to own choice. After activating all the ads which you want to publish on your blog click on Save.

Step 6:- Now you get a code which you needed to insert or add inside your blog.

Step 7:- Copy this code and add them in your blog. And after adding code you click on done. Now AdSense review your blog within 1 hour and after that Auto Ads start publish automatically on your blog and website.

How To Add AdSense Auto Ads code in blog ?

This is very simple and easy task you can do it. This is like to add AdSense code inside blog for approving AdSense account or adding a verification property in Search Console.

If you use AdSense Auto Ads on Blogger platform then you follow these steps.

We can add this code in Blogger by two ways. One by editing HTML and other through layout but i share with you both method.

Method 1:- 

1. Open your Blogger dashboard.

2. Now click on Layout.

3. In this step you click on Add a Gadgets.

4. Select HTML / JavaScript option.

5. Now a box open. In this box you paste that copied code and then click on Save.

Congratulation now Auto Ads code successfully added in your blog. Now wait for 1 hour. When AdSense team review your blog after review ads start show.

Method 2:- 

1. Open your blog dashboard.

2. Click on theme.

3. Now on this page you click on Edit HTML.

4. Now search </head> inside HTML code. When you find this </head> in HTML of your blog then you paste the copied auto Ads code just above the </head>. After adding your save HTML.

So this is second method. Through this method you can also add Auto Ads Code in your blog.

So guys these are the two methods for add Auto Ads code in Blogger blog. 

Types Of AdSense Auto Ads We Can Use.

There are number of ads which we can activate through AdSense Auto Ads. Here i give details information of all ads types.

1. Text And Display Ads.

I think i don't need to explain this type of ads because you must know it. This is ads in which both texts and Image show  during ads.

2. In-feed ads.

If you activate this ad through Auto Ads then ads which show in your feed  means ads show in your posts.

3. In-article Ads.

These are those ads which show in your articles content.

4. Matched Content.

If you want to ads according to your content then you can activate it. Matched Content mean ads according to your post. For example if your content on health then the ad which show there is also related to them. 

5. Anchor Ads.

These ads show at the edge of the user screen.

6. Vignette Ads. 

These ads show during page loading mean when user open your blog and click on post for reading then page take time for loading during loading of new page Vignette ads show to user.

So friends this is the detailed information of the new AdSense Auto Ads feature. I hope this post is helpfull for you. If you have any problem or question according to AdSense Auto Ads then you comment below i help you as much possible.