Send And Receive Tweets By Making Own Twitter Account

If you want to make account on Twitter then you come at right place because in this article we share with you complete process for making a Twitter account.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is derived from the word tweet. Tweet mean Twitter is short messages social networking site. We directly send to message anybody by taging them into tweet. This social networking site is founded by Jack Dorsey in March 2006.

How To Make A Account On Twitter?

Step 1:- First of all open the official website of Twitter. You can open Twitter website by Clicking Here.

Step 2:- Now officiall website is open. We need to click on Sign up. When you click on sign up then a new page open.

Step 3:- on this new page we need fill our details like email name etc.
  1. Add your full name.
  2. Add your email or phone number.
After adding these 2 things then you click on sign up. When you click on sign up then a confirmation code is sent to your email or phone.

Step 4:- select your password and then click on next. When you on next then again a new page open.

Step 5:- Now add your phone number and then again click on next.

Step 6:- Now select your user name. Like my user name is @birayvishal. Then lastly click on next.

Congratulation your account on Twitter successfully created enjoy it.

Last Words:- I hope you make your Twitter account by following my article but if you have any problem please comment below we help you.