How To Share Photos Via Google Photos App

Our memories are precious to us and we never want to lose them but we want to share them with friends, relatives etc. I know most of the people keep their photos in the safe places because they love those memories and photos. Google photos app is the best place for storing unlimited photos without the fear of losing.

We can use Google photos for storing whole data of our memories which we capture anytime in our life at any place of the world. Google photos have lots of features like we can create our albums, GIFs, animations etc.

But if you want to share your memories with your friends then also you can use Google Photos for sharing photos with your friends.

How To Share Photos Via Google Photos?

If you want to share your photos via Google photos app then this post is for you because in this post you will definitely get all information. So let's start.

1. Open Google photos app on your mobile.

2. Now you are on the home page of the google photos. And you saw their sharing option at the bottom of the app.

3. Click on the sharing icon then you moved into next step.

4. When you click on sharing option and a new page open, on this new page you see a sign of plus button. So you click on them. When you click there then you move a new window on this new window you need to select your those photos which you want to share with your friend.

5. After selecting all photos which you want to share with a friend and then you to click on next. When you click on next then a new page open you can see in this image below.

6. In this image, you can see that you need to add your that friend whose you want to send those selected photos so please follow me.

1. Add recipients:- add here all those persons number or email address. After adding their number and email you click on done. When you click on done then you move back to the previous page.

2. Send:- Now you click on send and wait for sometime after preparing photos successfully sent to that selected recipient.

Note:- we can send photos to unlimited people at one time via Google photos sharing feature. We can send photos to both our contacts and E-MAILs via Google Photos app.

Congratulation to you because now your recipients successfully received your photos. This is the best method for sharing photos at one time to unlimited peoples.

Last Words:- I hope this post is helpful for you. If you have any question please comment below we help you as much we can. Thanks. Keep in touch with Loud Me Tech for latest technology updates and tricks.