How To Make Blogger Template Mobile Friendly

Whenever a new user reached on our website or blog they first observed the desgin of our website or blog. If our blog design he or she like then they stay on our blog otherwise they quit our website or blog. So desgin is playing important role in growing our blog' s popularity on internet.

Therefore never take them lightly because if we take them as a our second priority then we can loose so many things which we don't want to loose. Now a question out that how we desgin a blog so that our users love it or like it. What are the key part we can use for making our blog very attractive. Keep the below points in your mind while you desgin your website and blog.

  1. User friendly theme.
  2. Colour Desgin.
  3. Mobile friendly.
  4. Every widget should be attractive.
These are the points we have need to keep in our mind. 

But if you use blogger platform for blogging and wanted to make your blogger template mobile friendly so then you come at right place because in this post you get complete information.

How To Make Blogger Template Mobile Friendly?

Before coming on this topic first we discussed that why we make our blogger template mobile friendly. I know this question is boil inside your mind.

Mobile friendly template is very important for our blog if we want to give a very attractive look to them. Mostly internet users like to visit on those sites which are mobile friendly because they are fast, very attractive and easy to use then other websites. Mobile friendly  website is developed specially for mobile users and you know that mostly users use mobile phones for surfing internet and reading articles. Ok now your all doubts will clear.

Process For Making Blogger Template Mobile Friendly.

Step 1:- Sign in blogger and open your dashboard.

Step 2:-

  1. Click on theme when you click here then a new page open you can see in this image.
  2. Now you follow red arrow 2 and click on the settings icon. When you click here then a new page open.

Step 3:-

  1. Here you click on no option follow arrow 1.
  2. After doing this you click on save and then your setting save.
Congratulation your blogger template now become mobile friendly. Now each user can open your website easy.

So, friends this is simple process if you want your blogger blog mobile friendly. You can do it because their not required any coding or technicall skill only we need to follow these steps.

Last Words:- I hope this post helpfull for you. Your problem will definitely solve if you follow each and every step carefully. Otherwise if your problem don't solve then you can use our comment for expressing your problem then help you in solving your problem.