How To Install Disqus Comment System On Blogger Blogspot?

Hello friends if you are blogger and using blogger platform for blogging then you know that comment system in blogger is not very attractive and also a person can't use them untill they haven't gmail account.

But here a best alternative of Blogger comment system is available and this comment system is more better than blogger comment system.

Let me know that you don't want to interact with your audience through comments. If yes, then we need to change blogger comment system into another system so that we can easily interact with our audience.

Now a question is arise inside our mind that if we change the blogger comment system then what we use at their place. Don't worry in this article you will definitely get the answer of your question.

Ok, if you want to change your comment system on blogger Blogspot blog then read this article from start to end.

Which Comment System Is Best For Blogger Blogspot?

There are numerous comment system are available on Internet but more of them is not good for our audience. But one comment system is very popular and i personally used on my blog. Many popular blogs on internet used that comment system. This comment system is known as Disqus comment system.

What Is Disqus?

The word Disqus is derived from word discussion. We know that discussion word is used when number of people give
reviews on one topic or subject. Now we come on Disqus. Disqus mainly developed for discussions on blogs. We can use it on any blogs like wordpress blog, Blogger blog, etc.

How To Add Disqus Comment System On Blogger Blogspot?

Follow all the below steps then you will definitely add this comment system on blogger.

Step 1:- Open official website of Disqus. Link is here, when you open this website then a new page open.

Step 2:- On this new page you click on Get Started. When you click on Get Started then again a new page open.

Step 3:- Now we have need to sign up on Disqus. So sign up with your Facebook id, google id or Twitter id otherwise you can also use your email address for sign up.

Add your name, email address and password then click on sign up. When click on it then your account successfully created on Disqus.

Step 4:- When your sign up complete and you click on Get Started then a new page open where you see two options.

We need to click on second option " I want to install Disqus on my site ". Ok when you click on it then you move in next step.

Step 5:- On this new page first you add your website name and select category of your blog then click on Create Site. When you click on it then again a new page open.

Step 6:- In this new page we need to subscribe a plan. You don't need to buy anything so you select basic plan which is totally free. After selecting plan you click on subscribe.

Step 7:- When you complete your subscription and then you move in new page. On this new page Disqus show you all platforms like WordPress, Blogger Tumblr etc. But you click on Blogger because you wanted to install Disqus on blogger Blogspot.

Step 8:- So when you click on blogger then Disqus ask you for installing. So you select number 1. Please don't click anywhere if you click then Disqus not Install on your blog. So you click on number 1. 

Step 9:- when you select number 1 then you switch into blogger. On blogger you select your blog. After selecting blog you click on Add a widget. When you click here then Disqus successfully install on your blog.

Congratulation you because now Disqus will definitely Installed on your blog. If you want to check that new comment system installed or not then you open your website post. If installed then Disqus show below the your post.

So friends this article for add Disqus comment system on blogger Blogspot. I am sure now you can do it easily.

Last Words:- I hope my this article is helpful for you. If you have any question please comment below we help you. Don't forget to share with friends.