How To Get Free 1 GB Data From Vodafone

Free data is like a piece of Pizza for us. Let me know that pizza is very tasty and data is also become Pizza when we get them free. So if you want get free data from Vodafone then read this article.

We know that Vodafone is very popular network which totally dominated to other networks. Now recently Vodafone start to give free 1 GB data to their users. So if you are Vodafone user then you will definitely get free 1 Vodafone data.

We don't need to pay for getting free data from Vodafone. This is totally free. Just we need to follow Vodafone code for getting data.

How To Get 1 GB Free Vodafone Internet Data?

First of all you just take phone in hand and then open the dial pad of your phone.

Now you use this USSD code *111*07# 

When you use this Vodafone code then Vodafone accept your request for free data within 30 mintues data will we send by Vodafone on your mobile.

Congratulation because you now get data successfully free from Vodafone so enjoy it.

How To Check Data Balance On Vodafone?

For checking your data balance on Vodafone sim then use this code.  
                  " *111*2*2# "

When you use this USSD code then all details of your data balance show. You can check how much your Vodafone data still available and how much data you used.

How To Check Main Balance On Vodafone?

If you want to check your Vodafone main balance then use this USSD code.

                " *111# "

So, when you use this USSD code then all details of your data balance will be shown.

Last words:- so guys now i know you will definitely get free internet data from Vodafone. And all the ussd codes will help you. 

If you have any problem please comment below we help you