How to get Android Oreo look on Android Mobile

Android Oreo is latest version of android and have several new features. Android Oreo come with new look and desgin. Android Oreo have new icons for applications. New home page and new menu.

If you have android mobile and still you not received the update of android oreo but you want to get the android oreo look on your mobile then read this article.

How To Get Android Oreo Look On Any Android Mobile?

Follow all the below steps then you can do it easily.

Step 1:- Open Play Store on your mobile.

Step 2:- Now search in Play Store " O Launcher ".

Step 3:- after searching this launcher you install it on your smartphone.

Step 4:- when this launcher download completely then install.

Step 5:- After successfully installation you open this launcher and activate them.

Congratulation you successfully active O Launcher on your mobile. Now your mobile looks like android oreo.

What Are The Features Of O Launcher?

1. O launcher gives us same look as android oreo. I personally used this launcher on my mobile.

2. Home Page :- Its homepage is amazing which is similar to android oreo.

New Tool Design :- You see in this image that this launcher have same tool box desgin which is in android oreo.

Date and Time Desgin :- Date and Time Desgin also similar to android oreo.

Google Search :- On the top left corner see that there is option for Google Search. Just you click here and start search directly from home page.

Menu :- Just slide above with your any finger then your menu open which is also similar to android oreo.

This is the screen shot of menu. Look at all apps have new icons desgin.

So this is the best features of this launcher which is almost similar to Android Oreo. You can download and install this launcher on your mobile.

Last Words :- I hope my this article help you. So follow my article them you will definitely get And Oreo look on your smartphone. If you have any problem question comment below.