Hide / Remove Ads From All Apps Of Xiaomi Mobiles. ( Redmi Note 4, Mi A1, Redmi Note 5 etc. )

Xiaomi company mobile phones making grip in the market because of their great features. A mobile user which features and qualities accept to their mobile that all quality are available in Xiaomi mobiles.

Xiaomi smartphones support to android but Xiaomi have also their own software which is popular with name MIUI.

But most of the Xiaomi users face ads problem in application because all those apps which is built by Xiaomi under his software MIUI show ads when we used them. Ads are also show on those applications which we download from play store and third party sites.

Now question is this how to hide these ads from all Xiaomi mobiles. Ok, if you want the solution of this question then read this article because in this article you will get complete information.

We can hide ads on Xiaomi devices by two ways one we can hide ads through security app and second through settings.

We share with you both method so that you don't face any problem in features. So you are ready guys ? If yes then start.

How To Hide / Remove Ads From All Apps Of Xiaomi Mobiles?

Method 1:- Security Application.

We can hide ads through security app. This app is already installed on your mobile.

1. Open Security App.

2. Click on " Data usage ".

3. Now click on " restrict data usage ".

4. Wait for some seconds then you get all installed apps there. There are two options one is WiFi and second is mobile. We can choose according to own choice.

5. Now you click on that app whose ads you wanted to hide. When you click then green tick sign convert into red cross.

Note:- Green tick sign indicate that app is use internet data and red cross sign indicate that app don't use mobile data.

So, when that app don't use mobile data or WiFi data then automatically ads stopped shown.

Ok now ads will hide from your apps. You can hide ads from all apps by using this method in Xiaomi mobiles.

Note 2 For Method 1:- This method don't work on system apps but we use this method for third party sites apps and for Play Store apps

 If you want to hide or remove ads from system apps then follow method 2.

Method 2:- Settings.

1. Open settings.

2. Scroll down and click on System Apps. When you click on it then all system apps show there.

3. Now select that app whose ads you wanted to hide. When you click on your that app then all details of that app show.

4. In detail there is one option you can see with name Allow Internet Connection. Now you deactivate allow internet connection of this app. When you deactivate internet connection of this app and this app then can't use internet data. So ads automatically will hide because ads show due to internet.

Therefore by using this method we can hide ads from all system apps.

Last Words:- I hope this article will helpfull for you. I share with you both method in detail. If you have any problem or queries then you can use our comment box. We help you as much we can. Don't forget to share with this articles on Facebook if helpfull for you.