Fix : How To Install Properly Grand Theft GTA Vice City Game On Android?

Vice City game is very famous between computers, Desktop users etc. That user which play this game mostly share with friends that we today play Vice city game on my computer. Your friends mostly said Vice City game is very nice, very good etc. But I know everyone has no computer and desktop. But I know most people have an Android smartphone. And if you are one of them and wanted to play Vice City game on your android mobile then you can read this post.

Vice city is action game which is popular because in Vice City game a criminal man mostly picks vehicles from to street peoples forcefully. And police arrest them.

If you want to play Vice City game on your android mobile then this post is for you because in this post I share with you a proper method for installing Vice City game.

Note:- In this post I have only shared with you its setup. I am not providing you with that game. You can download them from other websites because I share with you Vice City game then I think my website get copyright strike.

Requirement For Install Vice City Game?

I share here important things which we require for playing Vice City game.

1. An android mobile having android version 4+.

2. Android App for Vice City Game.

3. Obb file for Vice City Game.

What Is Files Size Of Vice City Game?

1. Android app of GTA Vice City has size 10.08 MB.

2. Obb data file of GTA Vice City Game has a size of 996.3 MB.

How To Download Grand Theft GTA Vice City APK and Obb File?

Follow all the below steps for downloading GTA Vice City APK and Obb File.

1. Search On Google " Vice City Game For Android ".

2. Google shows many results so you open any one of them.

3. Now you download both APK and Obb File.

Ok, now you have everything which is required for installing Grand Theft GTA Vice City Game on Android.

How To Setup Grand Theft GTA Vice City Obb File And APK?

When you download Obb File And APK from any website then that website also share its setup method but note that method don't work.

Ok, now we start it's Install and Setup Process.

1. Open apk file of GTA Vice City Game and Install them on your mobile phone.

2. Now we need to setup Obb file for opening this game.

3. Open your Files Manager.

4. Ok, now you extract Obb File of GTA Vice City because of the file in ZIP extension.

Extraction takes some time after extraction a file of 1.48 GB extract from that Zip file.
5. Now find a folder with name " Android " in files manager.

6. Now open this folder. When you open it then you saw there a folder with name Obb. But this folder is still empty.

7. Now you open this Obb folder and create a new folder inside them with this name " com.rockstargames.gtavc ". And save them.

8. Now you move an extracted file of size 1.48 GB in a newly created folder and save them.
When you successfully set up this Obb file in the folder then you come back and open Installed APK of Grand Theft GTA Vice City Game.

When you open this App first time on your mobile then this takes a downloading process. If you are lucky then this app successfully set up at one time. But if this app is not set up in one attempt then follow me, friend.

1. Open this app again after 1 hours. You do this until your app not set up completely.

2. Keep on internet data.

Mostly this app takes 4 and 5 hours to set up their Obb File. Once your Obb File is setup then you can play this game without any problem.


This is a complete process for successful setup of Grand Theft GTA Vice City Game on android mobile. I hope this game you like. I share with you each and every step clearly. But still, if you have any problem and question regarding this tutorial then you can comment below.