What Is WhatsApp Business App, How To Use It For Business ?

What Is WhatsApp Business App, How To Use It For Business ?

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Good news for business community because world famous social messenger WhatsApp launched his new app. This new Application is specially developed for business community. This new Application is launched with name " WhatsApp Business ".  With his name you can easily understood that this app is for business.

Today, we give you complete information regarding this application. If you want to learn about this application then you come at right place because in our article we today share complete guide of  WhatsApp Business.

What Is WhatsApp Business App ?

WhatsApp business is business application which is developed by Facebook owner company WhatsApp. We can use WhatsApp business application for the promotion of our business, selling, purchase, etc.

WhatsApp business make our business now simple and easy. WhatsApp business is clone or we can ask that second part of WhatsApp.

How To Use WhatsApp Business For Business Purpose ?

If you want to use WhatsApp Business application then first  download it from Play Store.

Otherwise you can download it from here.

Download App

After downloading Install this application on your mobile. Then open it.

When you open WhatsApp Business application in your mobile then they ask you for click on "Agree and Continue ".

Now add your mobile number.

Note :- use new mobile number which you don't in any WhatsApp account.

Then verify your number by adding  WhatsApp code.

Now our all process complete and WhatsApp Business For is ready for use.

When you open this application , then you feel that WhatsApp Business is similar to WhatsApp messenger. But this is wrong because WhatsApp Business having many different and useful features which are not in WhatsApp messenger.

Before discussing about his features we first make a business profile.

Because our business profile is very important for us if we want to use WhatsApp Business application.

How To Make Business Profile On WhatsApp Business ?

Step 1 :- open WhatsApp Business in your mobile. Then follow step 2.

What Is WhatsApp Business ? How To Use it for business ?

Step 2 :- Now click on three dots icon which on top of  right side. When you click here then a new page open.

Step 3 :- From all options you click on settings. When you click on it then new page open. So follow step 4.

How To Make Business Profile On WhatsApp Business

Step 4 :- Now click on " Business settings ". When you click here then again a new page open. And in this new page you fill all about your business. So click on profile.

Use WhatsApp Business application for business

Step 5 :- Here We Need To Fill All Information Of Our Business.

So, follow me and add your business information here.

A. Business address :- here you write your business address. Like city name, State name, PIN code, District.

Write here your business address so that peopls or your clients find your location easily and they reached to you.

B. Business Category :- select your business Category because this defined your business type. And your clients easily understood your service.

There are different categories like medical, food, non- profit, entertainment, education, etc. Select category which suit to your business.

C. Business description :- write short about your business.

Suppose if you have software business then you write their. Our company provides best quality of software. And also our company give full support and help on our products.

Fill according to your business. Which you think is best for your company.

D. Email :- Add here your email. So that your clients which want to purchase your service contact with you via your email. Or send you order mail by using this email.

E. Website :- add your website URL. Like my website URL is Https://www.LoudMeTech.com but if have not your website then don't worry leave it empty.

Final Click :- Then click on Save. When you click on Save then all information details of your business is setup on WhatsApp Business. Now you can use it for your business purposes.

Now your business profile on WhatsApp Business will be successfully created.

Loud Me Tech - Internet and I Guide

In this screen shot you can see Loud Me Tech busi profile. When your profile complete then they also looking like my profile.

What Is New In WhatsApp Business application ?

In WhatsApp Business application, lots of new stuff and features.

So now we discussed each future one by one.

What is WhatsApp Business application

1. Labels :- Two images you see here. If you want to see your label then click on three dots icon and then click on label.

Three dots icon >> Labels >> all levels

We can use these labels into our chat.

How To Add Or Use Labels ?

We can add labels in our chatting.

Follow me.

How to use WhatsApp Business application for business purposes

You see in this image, me share with you complete process of labels that the use and addition of labels.

1. Hold 1 to 2 second on that subject which you want to add into labels. When you hold then new options are appear on your WhatsApp Business application.

2. Now click on small icon which is show with arrow 2. When you click on them. And now options of add labels is show.

3. Add you subject in particular category and then click on save.

Now you labels successfully added. Enjoy it.

2. Statistics :- this feature give us data of all messages which we received or send.  This data show in number.

3. Away message :- This feature is very nice. Suppose you have no time for replying to your clients quickly. Then you can enable this feature. You add a your particular message for clients, which is automatically sent to you client when they sent message you.

4. Greetings message :- supposed you are busy and your new clients send message you. Then you can use this feature. You ask to clients that we welcome you and we are interested for working with you. This makes a good relationship between your clients and you.

5. Quick replies :- supposed your business is very popular and every day new peoples send you same message. So instead of reply them one by one. You can enable this feature.

Final Words :- I am sure my this article help you more to und WhatsApp and how to use it for business. Please don't forget to share my this article on social media platform. So that more people get awareness about WhatsApp Business.

If you have any questions please comment below we help you.
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