What Is OneAd, How To Earn Money From OneAd Daily Rs 1000

What Is OneAd, How To Earn Money From OneAd

Hello friends, if you want to earn money from the internet then I am shared with you an app whose name is OneAd. By using OneAd we can earn money easily.

OneAd app offers us to make money online.
We can earn up to 2.5 lakhs monthly by using OneAd. OneAd is the best way to making money through home and mobile phone.

To earn money from OneAd is very simple. If we spent daily 2 hours on OneAd then we can easily earn money. We can withdraw earned money directly in our bank account directly.

How To Earn Money From OneAd?

If we want to earn money from OneAd. First, we need OneAd in android mobile and second, required our account on OneAd.

Download app from Play Store otherwise you download directly from here

OneAd App:-  Download Here

After downloading this app install it on mobile. Ok now, this app on our mobile so follows all step below.

Step 1:- open this app on mobile. When you open it, then we need a OneAd account. So sign up

Step 2:- Add complete information.

1. Add your name.
2. Mobile number.
3. Set password.
4. Add your date of birth.
5. Select Male or Female
6. Add referral code: M5AT1Y 
7. Click on terms and conditions.
8. Click on Sign Up.

Note:- A verification code is sent to your registered mobile number. Add this code and verify your account on OneAd

Now our all process complete. OneAd gives us 3.5 rupees rewards on our registration.

Also, you have your own referral code. You use this code for referring your friends to the contact list.

How To Send Referral Code To Friends?

We can send referring code via option share with friends which is available in our account.

We can send this code to WhatsApp, Facebook, We Chat, Instagram etc.

The second method is that you copy your referral code and then post it in the Facebook group, WhatsApp group, this helps you to earn more money from OneAd.

How To Earn Money From OneAd By Sharing?

When we send OneAd app to our friends and our friends join OneAd through our referral link then OneAdd rewards our money. We can earn money from to 9 level. Each level consists six steps.

Suppose our friends join OneAd through our referral code and then our friend send their referral code to his friends and his friends join OneAd through his code. But we also get rewarded money when his friends joining OneAd.
We get rewarded money up to six round.

Following are some terminology used in the OneAD app.

OneAd has two kinds of user one is active user and Second is deactivated use.

Now talk about Active User:-

those users which Installed OneAd in his and also open OneAd app daily in mobile is called active user.

Deactivated User:- in this category, all those users come which have an account on OneAd but they uninstall the app from his phone and not used OneAd on a Daily basis.

Note:- when you think about your earning from OneAd please keep this thing in your mind that we get only Money from active users, not to deactivated User.

Withdraw Money Limit:- we can withdraw money from OneAd after 3.2 rupees but Important to note that when we withdraw money from OneAd they charge us 2 rupees.

My suggestion please withdraw money when you make more than hundred rupees.

Enjoy this app and earn money online from it.