What Is News Dog ? How To Make Money With News Dog ?

What Is News Dog ? How To Make Money With News Dog ?

Hello friends if you want to make money online then this article for you. In this article we share with you a way of online money making.

This is best idea for college students. They can earn money from this method. We can solve our pocket money problem by earning money from News Dog. News Dog is trusted news website.

So let's start.

What Is News Dog ?

News Dog is a Indin news website.  On this website we can read every kind of news. All latest news are available on News Dog. We can read news on this website in different languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, etc.
This website is very popular. 

How To Make Money With News Dog ?

We can make money with News Dog by two ways. In this article we share with you both 

Method 1 :- By Collecting Gold Coins.

Method 2 :- As a writer on News Dog.

Ok now we discussed both method in detail one by one.

Method 1 :- How To Make By Collecting Gold Coins On News Dog ?

If you want to earn money online with New Dog by collecting coins then follow this method.

1. We need a News Dog  mobile application.

2. Download the application of News Dog from Play Store. Otherwise you download from here.

News Dog :-  Download Here

3. Install this application on your mobile.

4. After installing open it. Then this app give you Rs 50 Rupees Reward.

Now our all process setup complete. So we can now make or earn money from News Dog.

Important Tips Of This Method ?

1. If we share this app to our friends then News Dog give us 50 coins. 

2. If we login News Dog with Facebook then we get 2 thousand Coins.

3. We can share News Dog Application with friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

4 Our 250 coins Convert into 1 rupee.

5. Our collected coins exchange into rupees after one day of collection of coins.

So, guys we can make unlimited money with News Dog with this method 1. 

Method 2 :- How To Make Money With News Dog As A Writer ?

News Dog give us chance for working as writer. And also give us chance for making money through our publish post on News Dog. This is best for those people who loves writing. Are you love writing then join News Dog website. News Dog is old and Trusted website. This website give us chance of making money by writing news on them. 

News Dog is best than any other websites. On News Dog so many peoples earn money by writing news.

How To Join News Dog As A Writer ?

Joining on News Dog is very easy and simple. Just sign up and verify your email then wait for approval one day. Once your approved then you can write on News Dog.

Ok now look how make a account on News Dog for joining as a Writer.

Let's start

Step 1 :- Search in your browser News Dog .
Otherwise you can  Click Here.

When you click here then you directly reached at news dog official website.

Step 2 :- Now Click on Sign up with Email. When you click there then a new page is open on front of you. Now follow step 2.

Step 3 :- Fill this forum.

1. Add your email. Note keep this email open in your phone because we use it for verification.

2. Set your new password.

3. Again add same password which you add above.

4. Then click on green tick. As shown in this image.

5. Final Click on continue. When you click on Continue then News Dog us for email verification.

Step 4 :- In this step you click on " Check Email ". When you click on it then your email id' s inbox open. So from inbox select mail of verification. Then your account will be verified.

Now we need to add our account information. So follow step 5.

Step 5 :- Add Your Account Information Here.

1. WeMedia Account Name :- Add your name which you want to show as a writer.

2. Your Name :- Add your name. Like my name is Vishal Biray.

3. PAN card Number :- add you Personal Account Number here. This is written on your PAN card with your photo.

4. Phone Number :- add here your 10 digits mobile number.

5. Address :- write your home address.

6. City :- Select Your State in which you live like me live in Jammu and Kashmir.

7. Postal Code :- Add here your six digit PIN code number. This code of your city.

8. Invitation code :- this is optional you can leave it empty. But Yes, if you want to fill then you add here your closest city code.

9. Description :- here your write short about yourself.

10. First tick on terms and conditions then finally click on Continue.

When you click here, then your all information completely fill. Ok congratulation your account successfully created on News Dog.

Ok now we are eligible as a writer on News Dog. We can publish our news on News Dog. And make money through them.

Important Questions Related To News Dog.

1. How much we can earn money online from News Dog ?

Ans :- we can earn unlimited from News Dog.

2. What we can withdraw money from News Dog in our Bank Account.

Ans :- Yes we can withdraw money in bank.

3. How News Dog give us Money ?

Ans :- News Dog give us Money according to views on our article or news.
Mostly News Dog pay us 7 to 8 rupees on 1 thousand view.

Conclusion :- This article for those people who want to earn money online. We give you everything here about News Dog. But if you have any questions then you can comment below we help you.