Useful Tips For Facebook Users

Facebook popularity is spreading in all over the world very fast. Facebook is popular because of its useful features which attracts people towards his. Facebook currently have billions of actives users.

Today in this article we share with you some useful tips of Facebook. These tips we are sure helps you alot in Facebook experience.

So let's start friends.

1. How To Upload Profile Picture on Facebook ?

1. Login your Facebook account.

2. Click on Profile.

3. Then click on edit profile.

4.  Now click on edit profile picture.

5. Click on Upload a Profile Picture.

6. Choose picture from your gallery and then click on upload.

So finally your profile picture set.

2. How To Hide Facebook Friends List ?

1. Open your Facebook account.

2. Click on profile.

3. Then click on friends.

4. Who can see friends list edit them and Change from public to only me.

Ok now your friends list list hide and no body now see your friends list.
This is best to hide list, if you want to keep your friends personal.

3. How To Block On Facebook ?

If you want block your Facebook friends then apply this method.

1. Login and open your profile.

2. Select that friend whose you want to block.

3. When you Select your friend them your friends profile open.

4. Now scroll your mobile and move toward bottom.

5. From bottom you click on block this person. 

6. When you click on block this person then a new page open. On this new page you click on block. 

Ok when you click on block then your delete from your list.

4. How To Unfriend On Facebook ?

If you want to Unfriend On Facebook then follow this method.

1. Login Facebook.

2. Select your that friend which you want to Unfriend.

3. Now your friend profile open. Scroll your screen toward bottom.

4. From buttom you select. Unfriend.

5. Now click on confirm.

So now you understand how we can Unfriend any body on Facebook.

5. How To Upload Photos and Status On Facebook ?

1. Open your profile.

2. Click on Photo.

3. Select Photo from your gallery.

4. Click on preview.

5. Select your photo filter.

6. Then click on upload.

For status you write your status inside the box and then click on post.

So now you understand how to upload photos on Facebook. And aslo how post status.

Conclusion :- Friends in this article we share with you some usefull tips of Facebook. These Facebook tips help you alot. I hope you love my this article.