My Website URL Is Blocked By Facebook. How To Unblock It ?

My Website URL Is Blocked By Facebook. How To Unblock It ?

Today, I am very happy because my website URL which is blocked by Facebook is Unblock  today. So today, i am going to share with you complete process about my blocked website URL.

My Website URL Is Blocked By Fa. How To Unblock It?

If your website URL is also blocked by Facebook then read this article because you get here solution of your problem.

Because most of newbies website or blogger mostly received traffic through Facebook and by mistake if Facebook block our website URL then our traffic is stopped coming.

Why Facebook Blocked Website URL ?

First we understand this because our understanding is responsible for block of our website URL. If we are aware about that then we don't this mistake and not Facebook block our URL.

These are major factor are behind the blocking our website link or URL.

1. We don't follow Facebook community standards.

Facebook allowed us to share our website URL on Facebook and we know that our most of traffic coming from Facebook. 

Now, understand it how we break Facebook policy.

We ever share our website URL on Facebook number of times in the lust of traffic. But if we share our URL on Facebook continue 5 to 10 times then Facebook consider this against their Facebook community. 

Other factors, when we share our Website URL in Facebook groups then some haters report against our URL. Ok when haters report against our URL then Facebook consider it spam which is against Facebook community. So Facebook without review our website blocked our Website URL.

These above factors i am sharing with you because me also face it.

Me aslo share my website URL 5 to 10 times daily in different groups and then Facebook Blocked my website URL.

My website URL is blocked on 4 January 2018 and unblock by Facebook on 24 January 2018. Means my website URL is Unblock by Facebook after 20 days.

Let me know that most of the blogger and website owners face this problem which is me also face.

Today, in this article me share with you my experience. I give you complete guide and i am sure your problem also solve.

How To Unblock Blocked Website URL By Facebook ?

Me search lot this on internet but i don't get any solution of my problem. When me not get any solution on internet then i frustrated because my blog traffic decreased.

Ok Now, let's start guys

Part 1 :- First of all when our Website URL is blocked by Facebook we need to ask Facebook which URL is block is not a spam.

How this we can ? If this question in your mind then answer is here.

Ans :- Facebook give us notification of all removed link which we share on Facebook in notification. Click on them one by one and ask them this is not spam.

Because me do this most of time and i think this part play important role in my URL' s unblocking.

Ok now our first part is complete.

Part 2 :- Now in this part we need to do some different tasks.

My website URL is blocked by Facebook. How to unblock it.

You see in this image a Facebook form. We need to fill this form. Here is a link of this forum. Click on the link below then fill this forum and send to Facebook.

Forum Link :-  Click Here

When you click on them then a forum is open. We need to fill this forum.

In red box add your website or blog URL.

Click on " This is website I own / promote.

And, In big box explain to Facebook why this is an error.

Tell to Facebook " My website URL is safe for Facebook community and this is not spam. Some haters did fake report against my website URL. Please review my website as soon as possible and then unblock it".

You can copy from here and then paste these words there.  Because personally used these words.

Note :- Fill this forum daily 3 to 4 time. You fill this forum from the day when your link block to upcoming 10 days.

Daily check that your URL unblock still or not. If not then fill this forum again.

Ok, after ten days we don't need to fill this forum because now we only to wait for Facebook response.

After ten days don't check your URL on Facebook please. And not to try it share on them because Facebook is frustrating with it.

When your link Facebook Unblock by Facebook then they personal send message you which is in the form of notification.

Now 90% chances you URL unblock by Facebook.

I am sure URL blocked by this method. This is my personal experience which me share with you.

Conclusion :- In this article we learn how we can unblock our website URL which is blocked by Facebook. In this article me share with you my personal experience.

Final Words :- Please don't need to frustrated like me, keep your mind cool and aslo need of patience. My this article help you but if you have any problem or question please contact me. I help you in solving your problem.

If any grammatical errors or words mistake please ignore it.