How To Test Internet Speed In Your Smartphone

Present time is time of the fastest technology. In present time 4G and 3G internet services is always considered to be best for Browsing internet.

Today 4G technology is considered to be fastest technology and better than 3G. 4G technology spreading day by day in all over the world. Every internet user wants to browse with faster speed.

There are so many telecom companies available in market and they always challenging that we provide fast and best internet 4G speed. 

Note :-

"In actual 4G internet downloading speed is between 5 to 12 mbps and uploading speed in 2 to 3 mbps which is ten time more than 3G internet network."

Let me ask, every telecom company challenge that they provide best internet speed , but now tell they give us speed which mentioned in note.

Answer is that they do not complete challenge and not provide internet speed is equal to which we want from them.

So, now this question is out, How we can check internet Connection Speed in our smartphones. 

The answer of this question you find today because in this article we learn how we can check internet connection speed ?

Before going on topic first we discussed,

Which Factors Affects Your Internet Speed ?

1. Area Network.
2. Traffic of Your Work Place.
3. The Site you visit.
4. Distance.

I mentioned here important factors but like these factors alsp which affects internet speed. We discuss it in another article very soon.

Let's Start come on topic.

How We Can Test Or Check Internet Speed Test In Smartphone ?

Follow these simple steps if you want test your internet connection speed.

How To Test Internet Speed By Using Ookla ?

First of all,  you download application from here with this application we perform test.

Name Of Application :- Speed Test By Ookla.

Android Application :-  Click Here 

Iphone Application :-  Click Here 

Window Application :- Click Here

Note :- If you don't want download application from here, then you can download it from your own mobile app store.

Open installed Ookla app in your phone and wait until Begin Test option not show.

When this option show click on it and Test your internet speed. This test take less than one mintue.

After completed test then your result show on screen. But if this app take more time in showing result , please cancel the result and again begin new test.

Here is example of my test.

Data inside the green circle is result of my test. This app show both download and upload speed of the internet.

But we don't satisfied with old test then we can take a new test by click on try again as show in red box.

If we wanted to see all test results then click on results option as shown in image with red arrow. When we click on results, then this app show us our all results data.

Therefore, If we want to test our internet connection speed then this is best method.

Conclusion :-  In this article we learn how we can test  Internet connection speed. I hoped this article helps you.