How To Reset Android Device

How To Reset Android Device

If you want to restore your android device then you come at right place because in this article you get complete information.

Why Reset Device ?

There many factors and conditions are responsible for resetting of mobile devices. Here are some important conditions and Factors.

1. Your mobile will slow.

2. Your mobile files are encrypted.

3. Your mobiles device RAM full.

4. All functions of your mobile don't work properly.

So these are the important factors and conditions. If your mobile have those problems then you need to reset them.

How To Restore Android Mobile ?

Process of restoring any android mobile is very simple. Just follow all these steps.

Note :- I am using Mi device. But if you have another device don't worry because resetting process is almost similar in all android devices.

So follow these steps

1. Open your mobile device.

2. Enter into settings.

3. Now click on additional setting.

4. Scroll your screen and move toward bottom.

5. Now click on backup and restore. When you click here then a new page open.

6. On this new page you click on " Factory Data reset ". When you click on it. Then once again new page open.

7. On this page you see there is one option Reset phone you click on this option.

8. Now with for sometime then finally click on reset. When click on reset then you device take some time for resetting.

9. When completion of resetting your device will open automatically. So your phone successfully reset. Congratulation enjoy it.

Note :- Before resetting mobile please take a backup of your important files. So that you don't loose your files and you can recover your data.

Last Words :- I hope this article heph you but if you have any problem please comment below we help you.