How To Purchase Domain From Godady Step By Step Guide

How To Purchase Domain From Godady Step By Step Guide

Godady is the world famous company which provides us better quality of domains at cheap prices. Godady provides all kinds of domains like .Com, .Net, .Co, .Org, etc.

We can easily purchase domains from godady. So in this article you get step by step guide if you want to purchase domain from godady.

What Is Godady ?

Godady is one the best domains provider company in the world. We can buy every kind of domains from godady. Godady aslo provide hosting. Godady have good contacts support. If we have any problem or queries then we can directly contact with Godady customer care executive.

How To Purchase Domain From Godady ?

If you have your own blog or website and you want to purchase domain for them, then Godady is best for you.

Here is full guide for purchasing a domian from Godady. Let's start

Step 1 :- Go on Godady official website. You in google " Godady ". When you search, then number of results show but you click on official website of Godady. Otherwise you can Click Here. When you click here then a new window is open. Then follow step 2.

How To Purchase Domain From Godady

Step 2 :- This is the official website of Godady. When you open this, then Godady ask you for searching domain name which you want to purchase.

1. In search box you add your domain name.
Like me add there LoudMeWorld.

2. After filling that box then you click on search.
Search process take time for showing domain.
When this process complete then all results show you. Now follow step 3.

How To Purchase Domain From Godady

Step 3 :- Click on continue to cart. But you want another domain like .In or .Net then you first click on " Add To Cart ". and then click on " Continue To Cart ". When you click there, then a new window is open. Now follow step 4.

            How To Purchase Domain From Godady

Step 4 :- Same new page is open on your device. No need to click any where you just click on " Continue with these options ". When you click on it. Now again a new page open. Now follow step 5.

How To Purchase Domain From Godady

Step 5 :-  If you have already registered account on Godady then no need to " Sign Up ". But if you have no Godady account then you " Sign Up ". Here are two options for registration one you can sign up with Facebook and second you add your own email.

How To Fill This Form ?

A. Email :- add your email address.

B. User Name :- add your user name if you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you absolutely know what is user name. So add unique user name which have nobody.

C. Password :- add a strong password. And keep them in mind. You can save your password in your computer and mobile.

D. Support PIN :-  add your four digits support PIN. This PIN is important if you want help from Godady customer care executive.

Final :- last you click on " Create a account ". When you click on it. Then your account issuccessfully created on Godady. Now you verify your account via your email. After verification your account ready for use.
Now you follow step 6.

How To Purchase Domain From Godady

Step 6 :- In this step we need to complete our payment for domain. So you click on " Add a payment ". When you click here, then a new page open. So follow step 7.

Step 7 :-  Now you select Payment method, mean how you wanted to pay. Hers three methods available.
  1. Credit Card
  2. Net banking
  3. Debit card

You select with own choice but i give you suggestions for Debit card because this simple and easy than other two methods.

Note :-  you select any method for payment because this is last step. Here only you pay and then your domain purchased successfully.

After payment you can check your domain in " My Products ". Here your purchased domain show.

Congratulation you successfully purchase domain from now you can use this domain on your blog and website.

Conclusion :- in this article we learn how we can purchase domain from Godady. All detail me share with you in detail. Now i am sure you can do it easily. All process is simple only we need to follow all steps correctly.

Last Words :- I hope your problem solved but if you have any problem or problem then you can comment below we help you. Please don't forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter.
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