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How To Set Your Single Name On Facebook

In this trick we learn, how we can set our single name on facebook. Single name mean only one word of your name.

On Facebook people always have two word name like Ravi Kumar i.e. first name and last name. First name is Ravi and last name is Kumar.

This is very difficult to set only single name on facebook because facebook don't give single name set feature.

But in this article we gives you a trick and with this trick you can easily set your single name on facebook.

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Let's's come on topic, How we can set single name on facebook ?

Follow these simple steps for setting your single name on facebook.

Step 1 :- Log In your facebook account.

Step 2 :- Change your language by click on the add button as shown in this image.

Step 3 :- change your language and select new language is tamil. When you select this language your words change but don't worry you can easily manage.

Step 4 :-  Go in Setting and privacy then click on general and then on name

     Setting & privacy >> General >> Name

Step 5 :-  In this step 
1. Add your first name like my first name Vishal.

2. Click on the blue box as in this image.

Step 6 :- Add your Password and click on continue as show in this image with red arrow.

Conclusion :- Congratulations you successfully set your single name of Facebook. I hope this article help you.

Final Words :- If you face any problem during setting your single name , comment below we help you in solving your problem.

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