How To Make A Page On Facebook

How To Make A Page On Facebook

Hello friends, if you want to create a new page on Facebook then you come at right place because in this article you get complete information.

we can use Facebook page for many work like page for inviting peoples, page for college group, page for promotion of website or any products. So like Facebook page have many advantages.

How To Make A Page On Facebook ?

Follow all these simple steps for creating a page on Facebook.

Step 1 :- Login you Facebook account through official Facebook website. After login your home page open. Follow step 2.

Step 2 :- You are now in your Facebook home. So here we need to click on Pages for create page. When you click on Pages then a new page open.

Step 3 :- on this page you click on Create Page. When you click on it, then again a ne page open. So you follow step 4.

Step 4 :-  Here we need to fill this page.

  1. Add your page name.
  2. Select category and sub category for page. Suppose if your page related to technology then you select a category which match with your page.
  3. Final click on Get Started. When you click on it then a new page open.

Step 5 :- Here also we need to fill information regarding our page. So follow me.
  1. Write description of your page. If you page related to technology them you write here. On this page you get information related to tech, internet, monimo phones.
  2. Click on Save info. When you click here then your all information successfully added.
Note :- if you have website and you wanted to add your website on your then you write URL of your website in website box.

But if you don't want to add info in page then you click on Skip.

When you click on save info or skip after this your page will be successfully created on Facebook. Now your page is successfully created and can use it.

Final Words :- This is article for Facebook page. I hope this article will heph you. But if you have any problem please comment below we help you.