How To Make A Free Blog On Blogger

How To Make A Free Blog On Blogger

Those people which wanted to start their career in blogging for them blogger is best platform because this free.

In this article we learn how we can make a free website by usng blogger platform.

What Is Blog ?

Blog is came from the term 'web log'. Blog is use when we want to write on particular subject or topic. On blog we can write and share our views to our reader in all over the world. Therefore blog is a online source of sharing information or thoughts.

What is blogging ?

The write on particular topic or niche by using online source is called blogging.
Blogging used for writing articles on blog.

Who is blogger ?

On internet the person which use blog the for sharing their views by providing good quality of articles that person is called blogger.

How Make a free blog on blogger ?

Yes you can make your own blog for writing good aricles and sharing your thoughts and through blog you also make some income.
In present time so many people earn good money from blogging.

We can make our personal blog by using Google' s free blogging platform Blogger.

Yes blogger is a free platform which start by google for blogging.

What is required for making a blog / website on blogger

1. Computer / Laptop / Smartphone.

2. Internet connection

3. Custom domain. ( Blogger also provide free domain Blogspot )

Let's start how create a free blog ?

Following are simple steps follow for creating your blog.

Step 1 :- open in your chrome browser . You can also other browser like Safari, Firefox etc. When you go in blogger website then a Pop up window open.

Step 2 :- click on create create your blog as shown in the image with arrow. When you click on it. Then you go in googe sign in. Enter your google Email and password and click on login. Then Pop up window open.

Step 3 :- on this page you write.

1. Write your blog title mean your blog name which show in search engine. Like my blog name is Loud Me Tech.

2. Select your domain and check for availablity if your domain is available then a tick signvis shown in front of your domain.

3. Click on create blog. When you click on it. Your blog will create. Now you start your blogging.

Conclusion :- This article help your create your own blog like me.

Final Words :- I hope you successfully Create your blog but if you have any problem, comment below we are help you in solving your problem.

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