How To Install Third Party Applications On Your Phone

How To Install Third Party APK App On Your Phone.

If you want to know, how to install third party applications on smartphones then you come at right place because this article is for you. In this article you get complete information with security tips.


Those APK application which we do not download from Google Play Store are called Third Party Application. There are number of website which provides third Party Application to us. These third party application include browsers, games, utility, social networking apps.

Download Of Third Party Application Is Safe For Our Phones ?

In most of cases to download APK Applications from third party sites is not good for our smartphones because sometime these third party application embed viruses in our smartphones and also responsible for hanging of devices.

We recommend you before downloading APK application from third party sites keep these points in mind.

1. The third party websites is secure.

2. Third party websites provide contact support to user.

3. App is licensed verified and no any security issues.

4. Read APK Application users reviews before downloading.

If we keep these points in our mind then we can download save applications for our mobiles.

How To Install Third Party Application On Mobile ?

So let's start

Step 1 :-  Open browser in your smartphone. We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2 :-  Open website from which you download Application.

Step 3 :-  Download Third Party APK Application in your mobile.

Step 4 :-  Open your mobile setting then click on additional setting.

Now we need to allow or activate the permission for third party applications. Because until we don't allow permission for third party application so far they not Install in our mobile. 

Note :- If your phone do not have additional setting and open downloaded Third Party APK Application then mobile directly show your permission settings.

Step 5 :-  Now Click on Permission button and then a floating message open, read the message and click on OK. Follow the above image. In the image first we click on Unknown source which is in red box inside the image and then click on OK.

Step 6 :-   Now you see in this image our permission button is activate. Like it your button is also activate and then go back and  you click on Install App and after taking some installation process your APK Application will be successfully install. 

Finally, once we activate Unknown source permission in phone. Now we can install any Third Party Application on mobile.

Note :- I am recommending you please again deactivate Unknown source application permission of your phone. This is best for your mobile security. Also keep above mentioned points in mind before downloading Third Party APK Application.

Conclusion :- I hope this article helpfull for you and you like my security tips which i am put in this article related to Third Party APK Application. By using this method we can install third party applications on smartphone. No any other method for installing Third Party APK Applications. But this method is very best.