How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

If you want to delete your Gmail account permanently then read this article. In this article you get complete information about permanent deletion of Gmail account.

Why We Delete Gmail Account Permanently ?

If this question in your mind arise that why you delete your Gmail account Permanently then answer of this question is here.

1. If you have multiple gmail accounts.

2. You have doubts that your account may be hacked in future. If you are noticed any issue like this please, quickly delete your Gmail account.

3. Lots of problems when we login our gmail account like verification, Change password, add mobile number etc.

What Damage, If We Delete Our Gmail account ?

Delete mean everything which store in our gmail account will be delete. Our all store files, videos, pdf, songs, mails, images, etc.

Note :- Before deleting your account take a backup, otherwise you transfer your data to other gmail account.

Let's Start.

Question :- 

1. How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently In Mobile ? 

Mobile :- smartphones like Android, iPhone, window etc.

2. How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently In Pc. Laptop or Desktop ?

Don't worry our this method is work in every smartphone, pc, laptop and desktop.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently ?

Follow all the below steps and apply them. I am sure then you can delete your Gmail account Permanently.

Step 1 :- Sign in gmail by using your gmail id, which you want to delete. First add your email then password.

Ok, now you are in your gmail account.

Step 2 :- In this step you click on the icon of three line. You follow this image. This option is in your inbox. When you click on it then a new page open.

Step 3 :- on this new page you scroll your mobile and moves toward bottom. In footer there are three options. We need to select Desktop. So please click on desktop. When you click on it then once again a new window open.

Step 4 :- On this new window you click on My account and move toward next step.

Step 5 :-  Here on this page you find Account preferences. In account preferences you select which is inside the red box. Follow this image and you click on " Delete your account or services ". When you click here, then you moved in next step. So follow step 6.

Step 6 :- On this new window you select and click on " Delete Google Account and data ". When you click on this option then you move in next and final step. So follow step 7.

Step 7 :- Now we are in last and final stage. In this step you first click on two empty small box by good sign. Ok  you mark there tick sign. So now you click on " Delete Account ". When you click on them. Then your account will be delete from Gmail.

So congratulations you for my side because now your account Permanently Delete from Gmail.

Note :- This method is working in both Computer and mobile phone. 

Final Words :- We explain each step in explain. But still you have any problem or doubt. Please comment below we help you in solving your problem.