How To Change Profile Name Of Gmail Account

How To Change Profile Name Of Gmail Account

Let me know that gmail is very popular email service. We use Gmail for sending mail to friends, relatives etc. We can use gmail for send resume to companies for job interview. There are lots of advantages of Gmail.

But in this article we learn how to change profile name of Gmail id. If you want to change your gmail profile name then you come at right place because in this article we share with you a method and by using this method you can be change your Gmail account profile name.

What is Gmail Profile Name ?

Profile name is that name which show on users profile. For example on my gmail id account my profile name is Vishal Biray. Profile name is a identity of our gmail account. When we send mail from our gmail id then our profile name is show to person which received our mail and receiver easily identified to sender by analysing the profile name.

Reasons Of Changing Profile Name.

The main reason for changing profile name are word mistake, error in name, for setting new profile name. These are main reason for changing profile name.

How To Change Gmail Profile Name ?

We share with you very simple method. We request please these methods carefully.

So let's start.

Method 1 :-  

How To Change Gmail Profile Name In Android, Pc and Mac.

This method is working same in mobile  but have some little bit changes. 

We start with mobile.

Step 1 :-  Login your gmail account. First of all visit on official website of Gmail then add your email and password. Ok now your login complete.

Step 2 :- Now our mailbox is open and then click on top of the left side icon as show in this image with red box. When you click on this icon then a new pages open from left side. Now scroll your mobile and go in bottom.

Step 3 :-  Now select desktop version do not need to select older version. When we select desktop version then Gmail is show same as show in Pc. 

Note :- Now Pc and Mac method also begin because gmail now is desktop form in our mobile.

Step 4 :- In this step you click on settings. When you click on settings then a new page Open.

Step 5 :- In this step you click on account because your personal information is here.

Step 6 :- Now here you can change your profile name.

1. Add your new name.

2. Final click on save.

After saving all settings your profile name of Gmail account is Change. You successfully changed your Gmail Profile Name enjoy it. This is first method.

Method 2 :- Change Gmail Profile Name From YouTube.

Yes, we can also change our Gmail Profile Name From YouTube.  

How To Change Gmail Profile Name With YouTube.

Let's start friends.

Step 1 :- Open YouTube in your browser like Safari Firefox Chrome etc. according to your own choice. If you have YouTube mobile App then open them.

Step 2 :- Now Click on your profile which is show on top of right side.

Step 3 :-  Then click on My Channel.

Step 4 :- When you click on My Channel then your name show in new page. Ckick on settings option. When click on it then a new page open.

Step 5 :- In new page your profile name is show. Edit your old name and then write there your new name and final save your settings. 

Finally you also changed your gmail profile name with YouTube.  

Note :- By using method 2. You can also make your YouTube channel.

Method 3 :- How To Change Gmail Account Profile Name With Google+ .

To change gmail id profile name with Google plus is very easy and simple.
For it no need any technical skill. Just follow this method and you can do it then.

Note :- If you still not make Google+ account then is more and more simple.

1. Visit on Google+ Official website

2. Sign in with your gmail id. ( Note :- use id whose name you want to change )

3. Now Create your Google+ Profile.

  •      Add your new name which you want to set on gmail id.
  • Select male or female.
  • Last Save your Google+ 
Ok now your new name set on your Gmail id. 

I hope you like my this article. In this article i am give you complete information. I think article is long so please my request read with patient. 

I am share with you three method but you can use one from them. Select that method which you think you con apply smartly.