How To Add 2 Step Authentication On Gmail

How To Add 2 Step Authentication On Gmail

If you want to add 2 step authentication on your Gmail account then you come at right place because in this article you get complete information about 2 step authentication.

What Is 2 Step Authentication ?

2 step authentication is working like multi layer security. This is also know as two factor security. We can make our account more secure. As we know that internet crime is increasing like hacking, blackmailing etc. So this point of view, we can make our account more secure if we use to 2 step authentication.

Recently a data come which revealed that only 10 percentage Gmail Accounts used to 2 step authentication on gmail accounts. This shows that internet users are not aware of 2 step authentication.

But you can add it on account for safety. 2 step authentication security is physical security. This security based on factors like mobile device, mobile number.

So let's start,

How To Add 2 Step Authentication On Gmail ?

There is no need of any technical knowledge. Only you need to follow all steps.

Step 1 :- First of all you login your Gmail account. By using your email and password.

Note :- when you login your Gmail via mobile device then only simple inbox open. But you can change them on desktop version.

1. Click on three line icon. This icon is at top of the left side. When you click on it then a new page open.

2. Now you scroll your mobile scr and move toward bottom.

3. Then select Desktop version. Ok now your desktop version is enabled on your mobile.

Step 2 :- click on My account. Now once again a new window open. Follow step 3.

Step 3 :- On this new window you click on " Sign-in & security". When you click on it. Then a new page open.

Step 4 :- Now you click on 2-Step verification. Still our 2 step security is at of mode. You turn it on. When you click on it then a new window open. Now follow step 5.

Step 5 :- Now verify your mobile device and mobile number. If you use computer or laptop then you need to verify them.

And last you click on turn on. Now your 2 step authentication successfully enable in your gmail account.

Conclusion :- In this article you learn how to add 2 step authentication on gmail. We share with you all steps clearly. I hope you successfully add to step authentication on your Gmail account.

Last Words :- If you have any problem please comment below we help you. Don't forget to share this article on social media platform. Because you know that its awareness is important for us.