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How Delete A Facebook Account Permanently Step By Step Guide - Loud Me Tech

welcome you in our new article as you know that we every day comes with new article. So in our today post we learn How We Can Delete A Facebook Account Permanently.

Small Introduction About Facebook .

Facebook is social networking site where we continue in touch with with our friends, family , relatives etc. You can upload your photos and videos on Facebook. So this is small about of Facebook.

Let's come on topic how delete Facebook Account Permanently.

To delete a Facebook account is very easily and not much need of technical knowledge.

Just follow these steps for deleting you Facebook Account or Id Permanently.

All steps follow carefully .

Step 1 :- Login your Facebook account and open your profile.

Step 2 :- Post any where in your Facebook profile
In this post i post this link in my timeline but you can post it any where in your account.

Step 3 :- when you post that link then like the link which show in image will appear in your account. Click on that link, when you click then a new pop up window open.

Step 4 :- click on this link which shown in red colour in this image Delete Facebook . When you click on it then you go in next step.

Step 5 :- follow the image as show here enter your password and click on submit.
When you click on submit then your account schedule for deletion and after 14 days your account delete permanently.

Finally your account delete permanently and congratulations to you.

Note :- 1. Never login in your account before 14 days. But if you want to reopen your then you can login.

2. Your all data delete and you don't recover it.

Final Words :- I hope my post help you in deleting your account permanently but if you face any problem then comment below we help you in solving your problem.

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