How Check Your Mobile Number Link With Aadhaar

Check Your Mobile Number Link With Aadhaar 

Welcome in our new article in this article we know about that our Aadhaar card are linked with mobile number or not.

What is Aadhaar ?

Aadhaar is like a identity of  peoples who live in India. Aadhaar card consists 12 digit numbers with Aadhaar Person name , Date of birth, age , address.

Why Aadhaar Card Is Important For Indian Peoples.

For people' s of India Aadhaar card is very important.
Aadhaar card help in opening a bank account, for PAN card, Passport, Gas connection etc.

Why I Am Link My Mobile Number With Aadhaar card ?

Government of India give the last date for linking Aadhar Number with mobile number upto 31 March 2018. After this date your mobile number stop. There are lots of advantages of linking Aadhar Number with mobile number, no body can take a fake mobile number connection with your identity. This also help in crimes, terrorism etc.

How check my Aadhaar Number Linked with Aadhaar ?

Follow these simple steps for checking that your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar or not.

Step 1 :- Go on official site of Aadhaar Card which is or you. Click Here . When you visit on official website of Aadhaar then a pop window open.

Step 2 :- on the official website of Aadhaar you click on Verify Email/ Mobile Number. Follow the image click the link which inside the box. Now you go in next step.

Step 3 :- Add your personal detail

              1. Aadhaar Card Number
              2. Mobile Number
              3. Enter Security Code
              4. Click on Send OTP

Now a OTP number is on your mobile number add that OTP follow next step.

Step 4 :-  1. Enter OTP
                 2. Click on Verify OTP.

Note :- If your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar number then your OTP or One Time Password successfully verified. But if your number is not linked then OTP not verify.

I hope this article help you but if you have any problem then comment below, we replying you and solving your problem.

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