How Add Your Home' s Address, Photo and Loction On Google Map

How To Add Home' s Address, Photo ann Location on Google Map.

Google map is google service on which we can find cities, roads, hotels, bus stands, railways stations, airports and many more things which we require during traveling.

So google map help us alot in traveling, we can easily reached our destination with the help of google map.

We can also add our home' s address, location, photo on google' s map very easily.

How I Add My Home' s address, location and photo on Google Map ?

Please read this article carefully and follow all these steps.

Step 1 :- open Google Maps application in your smartphone.

Step 2 :- when you open the Google Maps application in your smartphone then you click on the top of left side on this icon which show in image and then you go in next step.

Step 3 :- In this step you click on Add a missing place as shown in this image. Then you go in next step.

Step 4 :- This last step where you fill all details of your home add the phone etc.

1. Add your place name means the place where you live it is your city or city.

2.  Street address : add your address completely because this help to people in reaching at your home or place.

3. Choose Category : There are number f categories choose according to yourself.

4. This is your choice you can fill it or not because this is optional.

5. Add your mobile number.

6. If you have any website then you add there otherwise if you have not then no need to fill it.

7. Add your homes photo. You can also add yours house photo on google map.

Finally you click on the top of right corner for saving your all details as shown in the image.

Conclusion :- you successfully add yours home' s photo, address and location on Google Map.

But if you have any queries or face any problem during adding your address on  Google Maps then you comment below we help you in solving your problem.