Google' s Five Top App on Google Play Store

This is article for those people who finding top five app on google play store.

These app are developed and operated by world largest search engine Google. My top five app list consists all categories of app like Video, Map, App for storage of data etc.

If want top five apps on google play store please read this article.

Let's start

Top Five App of Google Play Store.

All these apps are of google and these apps are very useful for yourself in your daily life this my guaranty.

List of Five Google Play Store App is Here.

1. Chrome Browser : Best App of Play Store For Browsing Internet.       

Chrome browser is free web browser which developed by google. This web browser first released for Microsoft Windows but later this web browser is also released for andriod, Linux, macOs, ios. This web browser is very secure browser.

This browser consuming pur less data. This web browser support very heavily website. This browser is very popular. We can download this Browser from play store.

2. YouTube : Best App of Play Store For Watching Videos.

YouTube is videos sharing website. We can upload our videos on YouTube. Alex rank of YouTube is 2. Youtube is have large numbers of users. You can also earn money from to YouTube by creating your channel and upload videos on them, and using AdSense ads network.

We can watch online movies, tv shows, cricket matches, football matches , funny videos, Tech videos, health videos, food making videos etc. 
YouTube provide us every kind of videos which helps us in solving our problems.

3. Gmail : Best App of Play Store For Sending E-MAILs.

Gmail is a email service which starts by Google for their users. We can use gmail for sending mails. Gmail service is acceptable world wide. Through gmail we can send files, pdf , videos , photos etc.

Gmai give us facility for storage of 15 gb data which is too much.
Gmail is considered to best app for Email service on google play store . If you want clear your any queries please check its reviews on google play store.

4. Google Drive : Best App of Google Play Store For Storing Data.

Yes google drive is considered to be  best app for storing our data like pdf, songs, photos, movies, our documents, important notes , apps, softwares, documents etc.

You can download this app from Google play store and also read its reviews for clearing your queries. This is used by large numbers of companies and peoples for storing their data. I am sure you also love this app when use it.

5. Google Map : Best App of Google Play Store For Mapping.

Google map is used for finding location, roads, places etc. We can easily find any location, hotels, popular place, roads etc. with the help of google map. This app very simpe and we can easily use it.

we can download this app from Google play store. This app consuming very less data. We can use google map in daily life for finding places, roads etc. easily. So install this app in smartphone and use it.

Conclusion :- This is top five list of Google play store. What's the uses of these apps i also tell this here. I hope you install these top app in your smartphone.

Final words :-  I hope this article heps you but you have any queries please comment below we help you.