How To Earn Money From Google Payment App Tez

Hello friends if you want to earn money online then i am today share with you a trick and by using this trick we can earn money.

Yes you can earn money by using this app which is developed by google for India.
Google develop Tex App special for online payment.

The name of this app is Tez which you can download it from play Store. Tez Payment app is very simple to use.

In this article we learn how we can earn money easily from Tez Payment app. This app have recently completed 10 million downloads.

This app is also available for Window phone and iPhone.

Advantages Of Tez Payment Wallet.

1. Simple To Use
2. This payment app give cash back.
3. Scratch card.
4. Rewards.
5. Earn Money By Refering To Friends.

How To Earn Money From Tez Payment App.

Note :- I am Using Android Smartphone But You Can Download This App in Iphone, Download If you use.

1. Download Tez in your mobile and open it.

2. Select You Language. I am select English.

3. Enter your mobile number then a OTP sent to your number.

4. Enter your OTP and Verify it.

5. Create Your Own Pin and save.

Now your Tez Payment wallet is ready for use. Now you can send money through them and also receive.

Let's start How To Earn Money From Tez Payment Wallet.

1. Click on new if you want to send money otherwise no need to click on it.

2. Click on offer and you now go in next step.

3. Here you click on Invite Friends To Tez.

4. Click on Invite Friends and copy your referral link.

How We Can Invite Friends In Tez ?

I recommend you that copy your link and then use this copied link for inviting friends.

Follow are ways we can use for inviting friends in Tez Payment Wallet.

1. Send copied link to friends through WhatsApp.

2. Paste your link in Instagram Bio.

3. Paste your referral link in Twitter.

4. Send your referral link into Facebook.

So these are best method for inviting your friends.

How Much We Can Earn From Tez Payment Wallet ?

When your each friend join Tez by your referral link Tez give 51 rupees as rewarding which is added in your Tez Payment Wallet. We can withdraw this money in bank otherwise we use can use this money for online shopping.

1 referral joining = 51 rupees means if your 10 friends join Tez through your referral link and use Tez for sending money then you earn 510 rupees.

This is best way if you want earn money online. We can earn money from this app unlimited. But this only depends upon how much people joining Tez through your referral link.

Happy Earning.