Best Easy Programming Languages For Beginners

In today era the scope of programming languages is growing very fast. The jobs in fields of programming sector motivate to learn programming language.

If you also want to learn programming languages and still you are beginner so please read this article.

Before pick any programming language for learning. First thinks about that language which you should pick for learning  because this play Important role in your learning process. Think which language you pick for learning is easy or not because most of the programmer believe that begins with only language which is easy to learn.
So that we don't feel frustrated during learn them.

Second think about there popularity, demand and uses. If we select easy language for learning then this is best for us. If we select a best language then our half of the problem solved before learn to  them.

Our list of programming languages for beginners is based on the factors like thier easiness, popularity, uses and demand in the market.

Best Easy Programming Language To Learn For Beginners.

So start guys,

1. Python

Most of the world famous programmes believed that Python is easy language for beginners. If we choose this language first then this is our rights choice.

What Is Python ?

Python is general purposes programming language. This language is created in 1990s. Python gets the name from Monty Python. When this language is developed at that time this programming language is used for creating video games, web pages etc. But now this language is used by the most popular companies or website like Instagram, YouTube, Google etc.

The scope and popularity of Python is growing day by day at present Python is the 4th famous programming language out of 100 according to TIOBE index.

Python skilled peoples  gets higher average in all over the world. Phyton skilled people get jobs like data scientist etc.

Why We Begin Learning Programming With Python ?

Answer of this question is that Python is easy to learn, Flexible and free from any complexity. Means we can build any feature without any complexity by using Python.
If we know English then learning of Python also become easy for us because Python is resemble with English language.

Uses of Python :- Python is used for creating web pages, Mobile Application, Scientific and numerical Computing, development of Software and Desktop, Business Applications.

2. Ruby 

After Python this language is considered to be best for beginners. This dynamic language, flexible and free from complexity. Easy to Learn.

What Is Ruby ?

Ruby is one of the most dynamic programming language which is developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Yukihiro Matsumoto is from Ruby and Ruby is develop by him in Mid 1990s.

This language is developed for the purpose of helping to the programmer of the world.
Ruby is flexible, readable and easy to understand. Ruby used various companies like Airbnb, Shopify, Slideshare etc.  Ruby support multi programming  paradigms which make it flexible.

Why we Learn Ruby ?

As we mentioned above that ruby is very flexible programming language because ruby support multi programming paradigms which make him powerful.
We can build any program and features without the tension of commands and jargon. Ruby is also resemble with English language.

Ruby On Rail is web framework is built on ruby which helping to it make this language popular.

Popularity of Phyton touch the top of the stair. Ruby is 10th popular language out of world 100 languages. The demand of ruby in technology market is very high.

Jobs opportunity in Ruby On Rails is more than any other Computer language.

Uses of Ruby :- we can develop lots of application and features using ruby lime Games, music. Ruby is also used as front end web script. We can develop anything in lesser coding lines by using ruby.

3. JAVA 

Java language is one the most famous language specially for computer software. Java programming help to make android application.

What Is Java ?

Java is a programming language which is developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem in 23 January 1996. But later Java is retained by Oracle. 

Java is a general programming language which is developed for the purpose of making Mobile Application, Desktop Web and also this language widely used in Android application.

Java is a class based object oriented language. Job opportunity in Java is also higher. Java is rank 1 in popularity out of 100 others programming language.

So these three programming language are best for Beginners because all these language easy to understand and free from complexity. Easy mean they are easily we can pick with our lesser attempt as compared to other languages.

Other languages like C/C+, Swift, JavaScript etc. are come under advance language. Pick these language after understanding above mentioned three language.

I hope my this article helps you lot to pick a right choice for programming language.