Apply These Tips For Increasing Life Of Mobile Battery

Apply These Tips For Increasing Life Of Mobile Battery

We ever wanted longer life of our mobile phones battery. We only wanted longer life, but we don't take any actions for them. If memory card is called mind of mobile phone but without battery how this works.

We know that there is big difference between human beings and artificial products but in this case they both relate to each other. You know that our mind don't work properly without food because this food give energy to our body and mind. Like this how mobile phone work without good battery.

Always our elders say " precautions are important than cure ". Yes this quote is fit in this case because if we apply safety major on battery then we can increase battery life.

Remember, only you are the best doctor for your mobile phones battery. Your mobile phone battery life is depends on you. So apply our these practical tips on your mobile phone battery then definitely battery life of your mobile increase.

So start friends

All these tips first me apply on my battery and when good result came out then me decide that i share these tips with you.

1. Charged Battery Full, Not Incomplete

Our schedule is very busy in present time. We have no time for charging our mobile battery. Whenever we free then we do start charging phone. And without full charge we switch off or remove charging pin from mobile. This make a bad impact on our battery. If did this many time then ions inside our battery start irritated. So always try this you don't remove charging pin or switch off untill your mobile battery fully charged. If you are do this then your battery life will definitely increase. This is tips number one and you apply it.

2. Don't Use Mobile During Charging.

At present the craziness of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is dancing on our heads. We are totally involving in this. We ever waiting for message. When someone send message to us then we check message quickly for replying and start checking to mobile again and again. This habit also make bad impact on our mobile' s battery. So don't check mobile again and again while charging. If you apply this tip then your mobile battery life will increase.

3. Avoid Over Charging.

Hahah! over charging, this phrase have no mean in our life we always takes it in positive way but in case of battery don't need to taken it positively. We think that if our battery over charged then we get more backup from it. But this is not true. If you over charged battery then size of your battery start expand which is not good for us. Expending of battery also leads to mobile explosion. So switch off or otherwise remove charging pin from mobile when your battery fully charged. Avoid to charge mobile at night because this is mostly happen in night. So friends you also need to apply this tip.

4. Never Dead Battery Completely.

I have Xiaomi company mobile and when my mobile battery reached less than 15% and then my mobile start vibrates. Mostly this feature have built in every smartphone. If you have this feature in your mobile then you are lucky. Please don't ignore this vibrate and if you want to increase your battery life then follow it. Keep in your mind always that you need to maintain your battery more than 10%. And charge mobile if your battery come down from this limit. If you want to increase battery life of mobile then please maintain your battery more than 10%. So friends apply this tip also.

5. Stop Using Many Application In One Time.

Never put more burden on battery by using many applications at one time. Also stop background browsing of application. Applications like YouTube, High Mb Games eat more battery than other applications. So don't use them more. High load make a bad impact and due to its your mobile battery life decreased. Install a battery analyser on your mobile which gives you all data of battery usage. Friends apply this tip also.

6. Never Use Mobile At Heating Places.

Mostly our mobile phones heated quickly when we used at heated places. This heating is actually happen due to the heating of battery. Lithium Ions in our battery start moving randomly due to heat which leads to heating of phone. And heating disturb setting of battery which leads to decrease its life. So avoid use of mobile when temperature more than 30%.

Final Words :- I hope that you like my these tips. All these i practically apply on my mobile. If hope this article helps you. If you like my article then don't forget share with friends.