Security Tips For Your Computer Which Protect To Enter Malware

In this article i am going to share with you some important information related to malware attacks.

In present world the cyber crime increase very fast. Every day news related to hacking, malware and other viruses attacks come out from different part of the world.

What is Malware ?

Malware a type of software virus. This software viruses hackers used for stolen your data from your computer. Once malware enter our Computer they locked our hole data like personal photos, videos, your other documents etc.

Malware is common virus or we can call him a combination of all viruses like Trojan, Worms etc.

How Malware Enters In Our Computer ?

This is common question which is arise in every one mind , How it can enter in our Computer because we already installed security tools in our Computer. Malware enter mostly in our Computers when we download something from internet.

Remember always : nothing is secure on internet because everything can be hacked. But if we take some measure action we can stop it.

Therefore in this article i am share with Security tips which helps you keep your computer away from Malware.

Important Security Tips For Your Computer.

1. Never Visit on un secure Website.

Yes, this is one of the best tip if you want to save your computer from viruses attacks. Mostly those websites which do not have Https Security is considered to be unsafe or unsecured websites. Before visit to any website first check they have Https security.

2. Do not Download Unknown Software For Your Computer.

This is second tip. Never download any software or any file which is unknown because havker use this kind of tricks for sending Malware into your computer. But you can download Software for your computer from trusted software store. If you download software from secure and trusted store this better for your computer security. Always visit to popular websites.
Never click on any link for using site.

3. Never Click on Unknown or Unsecured Ads.

Ads like you win money, price etc. Hackers also use this method. So avoid this types of ads and always use your common sense.

4. Installed Antivirus or Security Tools In Your Computer.

Yes, always use best security or antivirus or anti malware tool for your computer. Never use free antivirus or anti malware for your computer because free antivirus do give us good results. I recommend you please choose paid anti malware and of trusted company.  Quick Heal, AVG are the best and licensed software, so you can choose one of them. At least we use paid version and licensed antivirus Malware software for computer this best for us.

5. Never Installed Any Unknown USB, CD, Disks, Pin Drive With Your Computer.

Please note never use any Unknown USB CD Disks with your computer untill you not sure that this is secure. Please always check before using them with your computer.

6. Install Firewall In Your Computer.

Firewall a kind of protection wall for your computer. Firewall is work like common wall. Suppose like our house walls protect to enter any criminal or fire in our house same in our computer Firewall protect to enter Malware in our Computer. Firewall save our computer and when we install it in our Computer then Security of our computer increase very much. You can buy it from any company. Firewall is two type one is hardware type and other is Software type.

So these are important security tips which protects to enter Malware in your computer.
I hope you love my post and these Security Tips helping you.