Important Shortcuts Keys Of Keyboard Which Helpfull For You

Welcome in Loud Me Tech, Today i am author of this blog comes with a new article and this article is very helpful to all of those peoples which wants to use shortcuts keys on Computer keyboard.

Today I am going to share with you most important shortcut keys of Computer keyboard. I am sure these shortcuts keys of keyboard help you alot  while you using your computer and these keyboard save your precious time.

We know that there are 104 words are available on keyboard but today i am share with you only Important keyboard which us in our daily life and save our time.

So let's start

Important Shortcut Keys of Computer Keyboard.

My list of shortcut keys of keyboard consists various kind of keys. Followings are the main keys of keyboard

1. Ctrl+X : this key is used for cut your selected text.

2. Ctrl+C : This key is used for copy the text or any item.

3. Ctrl+S : this used for save

4. Ctrl+P : Print the document etc.

5. Ctrl+U : Underlined the text or item.

6. Ctrl+O : open new file or document.

7. Ctrl+I : this key is used when we want text into Italian form or style.

8. Ctrl+K : if we want to create hyperlinks.

9. Ctrl+V : it used for paste copied text or item.

10. Ctrl+D : display the font dialogue.

11. Ctrl+Enter :- open the selected item.

12. Ctrl+F4 : this is used for close the active window.

13. Ctrl+F6 : open next window.

14. Ctrl+Y : Redo the last action.

15. Ctrl+ Z : Undo the last action

16. Ctrl+B : For writing letters into bold size or form.

17. Ctrl+T : open new tab.

18. Ctrl+A : this is used for select all text in in present document.

19. Ctrl+F : open find box which is used for search.

20. Ctrl+H : open history.

21. Ctrl+N : Create new document.

22. Ctrl+Home : start of document.

23. Ctrl+End : go to end of document.

24. Ctrl+Left Arrow : Left One word.

25. Ctrl+Right Arrow : Right one word.

26. Ctrl+L : align Left.

27. Ctrl+R  : refresh select window.

28. Ctrl+Esc : open the start screen.

29. Ctrl+Shift+Esc : open task manager.

30. Win+F1 : open window help and support.

31. Win : display or hide the present screen.

32. Win+PrtSc : this is used of taking screen shot in computer.

33. Alt+PrtScr : screen shot in current window.

34. Win+X : open quick link menu.

35. F9 Key : Refresh.

36. Shift+F10 key : display shortcut menu.

37. Ctrl+Tab : Switch between tabs.

38. Win+E : opens explorer

39. Win+F : open find box or search box for searching folders or files.

40.  Alt+Home : this is use for open home page.

So these are important keys of keyboard. This list consists important keys of window excel word etc.

Conclusion :- This is article i am hopeful you like and this article helps you alot. But you have any queries related to our keyword list please comment below we try to help you.