How To Enable Https Security In Blogger With Custom Domain

Do want to enable Https security if on your blog or website which is build on Blogger platform then this article is for you because today in this article we learn that how we can add or enable Https security in blog which is built on Blogger platform.

What Is Https Security ?

Https is stand for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Https is secure version of Http. The last word s in Https is used for Secure. Https protocol make a secure connection between sender and receiver. Http is same as Https but different is that Https is more secure than Https. Now, So simple to understand that Https is more better and secure than his older version Http.

Why We Enable Https Security In Our Blog or Website ?

Https security make more trusted relationship between provide and receiver.
You notice that why website like that, e-commerce, banking, net hosting , insurance companies use this Https security even google used this Security on its every website. Now recently this news is out that Google web browser Chrome not support to un secure website. 

My meaning to say is very simple that if your blog or website have not Https security so this is considered to insecure by chrome browser.

Https security is also very important for SEO because Google search engine give more preprence to those websites or blog which have Https security.

Now we understand why Https security is important for us.

How To Enable Https Security In Blogger Blog or Website ?

The process for enabling Https security in your blogger blog is very simple and we can do it in just minutes.

Blogger provide this Security for Blogger user is free. We have no need pay for anything. No need more technical skill. 
Only follow my article.

Add Https Security With Blogspot Domain.

Step 1 :- Login in blogger and open your dashboard.

Step 2 :-   In this step you first click settings.

                      1. Click on settings
                      2. Basic
                      3. Change it from no to yes.

Save your setting and you successfully enable Https security in your blog with Blogspot domain.

Add Https Security With Custom Domain In Blogger.

Custom domain like .Com .Org .Net .In etc.
But with custom domain we need to going in blogger draft.

Don't worry , we need only visit on this link
                  [ ]

Copy and paste this link in your browser, then you directly reached in your blogger draft.

Otherwise you [ Click Here ]

Step  1 :- when we click here then we reach in Blogger dashboard.

Step 2 :- 1. Click on settings
                2. Basic
                3. Change both No To Yes.

While you done all this process then save your setting and open your blog with Https.
Now your website URL open like it in place of Http.

Congratulation our blog now is secure and we successfully Enable or Add Https in blog.
Please read this article completely so that you do not face any problem during this process.

Conclusion :- In this article we learn how we can enable Https security in blog or website for both custom and Blogspot domain. But if  you have problem please comment below. We solve your problem.